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Real Advice: How to have an Extravagant Wedding without Spending a Bomb!

Surbhi Gupta, 29 May 2018

Let’s admit it! We all have dreamt of a glamorous wedding. Those grand venues, highlighted decors, exotic flowers, scrumptious food have always left an everlasting impact on us. However, more than often, our budget constraints have inhibited these fancy inspirations. Low finances have narrowed down options and our dreams of having a fashionable extravaganza have gone down the drain.

But, now it’s time for a change. Shaadisaga is once again out with its magic wand to help you make your wedding similar to your fanciest imaginations. And, this too, without burning a hole in your pocket. Sounds unreal? Believe in us, as we have classified the five crucial elements of a wedding in a pocket-friendly way:

1. Play smart with the decor

If you have paid the right attention to Sonam Kapoor’s mehendi then you know that the decor was done up with candles, paper buntings and fairy lights. Thanks to the modern times, fairy lights and candles cost less than a few pennies. And, those buntings? Well, they are DIY. And remember, if you are using this theme going OTT shall not be such a bad idea. Don’t spend your money on costly decor, this is a saving zone.

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2. Invest tactfully in a venue

Decor by Noor, Delhi

Venues don’t come cheap. It’s a sad reality that even we can’t help. Also, getting married in a farmhouse that is outside city limits is just not in vogue. Our advice here, is to go for a Flexi Personal loan from Bajaj Finserv. It offers loan amount up to 25 lakh without any security, no collateral or hidden costs. Moreover, you pay interest only on the amount utilised and not the entire approved loan amount.

What we love is the instant disbursal of loan within 24 hours and practically zero paperwork. Remember, a wise man spends his money where it shows the most!

3. Save enormously when shopping outfits & jewellery

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Heard of sites like Swishlist, Rentitbae, Flyrobe that provide clothes and jewellery for rent? Trust us, they are simply life saviours. But, if the idea of taking clothes on rent sounds revolting, give your local boutique aunty an honest try. Simply screenshot your favorite designer lehenga, source some fabric from Chandni Chowk and Voila! Also, you can try the oldie but still a goldie, “I am wearing my mom’s wedding lehenga”. This aww moment gives you a saving of 100%.

4. Don’t compromise on the food

Food is the highlight of a wedding and you cannot camouflage it. It is quite quintessential to serve good quality food that your guests will cherish forever. Use that loan amount you wisely took here, if you don’t want your wedding to be the talk of the town for wrong reasons.

5. Send personalized e-invites

Invites by PINPRO, Delhi

For invites stick to personalized e-invites. You could even design your own wedding website for free and attach a video of you two in it for a cool touch. Mixing technology and tradition is all the rage these days. A basic invitation card costs around Rs. 100-150 per card. That multiplied with 300 equals a whopping 45 grand. It consumes a decent portion of funds, doesn’t it?

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6. Choose your photographer wisely

Hire a less famous photographer or even a freelancer for your wedding. Not only shall she/he be more affordable but they will also be more dedicated, will have fresh ideas and wouldn’t mind working a little overtime. If not, the Bajaj Finserv Flexi Personal Loan up to Rs. 25 lakh will always come handy. 

Both invitations and photographers are complete saving zones, where a little effort will go a long way in adding the right panache to your wedding.

In today’s times, if one uses the right resources and combines it with a little effort, then they can literally have an extravagant wedding affair without spending a bomb. Also, splurging on the essentials of food and venue by taking a Bajaj Finserv Loan is a great option which is available to our generation. So, go ahead, utilize these options and make that dream wedding a reality. To know more about the Bajaj Finserv loan, click here.

Do you think this was some useful piece of advice? Share your views in the comments below!

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