Random Thoughts Every Girl Has When Her Sister's Getting Married!

Sanchita Sehgal, 15 Jan 2018

There are hell loads of things that cross your exhausted mind when your sister – the one person that has everytime being a part of a minute to minute things – is going to take the plunge. This will not only give baggage of work does but also the bridesmaid mode will be on. Everyone's who has done and dusted all of this will actually understand the emotional mess every sister goes through.We're listing below some random thoughts you're expected to come across when your sister is ready to go to another house.

I have to get back in shape

Everyone will be looking at me and coming up to me for even the smallest of things. I need to hit the gym and shed some extra kilos to fit into my dream lehenga I know I am overdoing it, but everyone checks out the sister of the bride and yeah it's my sister's best day of life, obviously I have to look hot.

Handling all the Cousins and Friends *Sucha task*


Sister is busy handling other tensions related to her lehenga, trousseau shopping, trying on the 143567th gown for the cocktail nigh. She obviously doesn't has time to coordinate with cousins and friends to organize special dance performance. This will be my responsibility, I don't even like messaging but then my life will revolve around Whatsapp groups and messengers.

Don't want to face the matrimony torture

"Ab toh agli baari teri hai" (You're next in line) - This statement will follow you wherever and whenever you are going- whether its distributing cards, in front of an outstation guest, nani, dadi, everyone. Ghoshh!It's my sister's day, can we focus on her rather than opening a matrimonial site at my sister's wedding. I will get married for sure but then there is a lot of time.

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The bedroom is all mine 

Hell yeah! No more fighting on who's gonna drop the switch before sleeping or lowering down the temperature of AC. Keeping the bidai angle aside, you cannot wait to have the entire room to yourself. Can you? And how can we forget, the tons of clothes which she leaves behind and a whole new bigger wardrobe? Yes, I will be favorite child of my parents.

I have to win Jutta Chupai, anyhow

The amount that I will take from Jutta chupai, where will I spend and how to make it sure kisi ko pata na lage ki kaha chupaye hai. Heading one of the most amazing and interesting tasks of the wedding, I need to sort down certain strategies and get this thing accomplished, it's not less than a battle.

F*ck! I already miss her


No matter how much you try to keep yourself busy with all the planning and end moment work, the thought of not seeing her at home the very next day after the wedding and being bossed around by her will surely depress you. And of course, it will be a very pleasant feeling too. You discover how much you love her, which you wouldn't have when together. 

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Is your sister getting married? Share with us the random thoughts running on your mind right now!