This Pre-Wedding across 4 International Destinations is Everybody's Dream

Divya Arora, 21 Nov 2018

Pre-wedding shoots have a special place in our hearts and are our favorite for all the right reasons. Be it typical old-school romance photos or fun and edgy theme photoshoots, they're drenched in love and are simply heartwarming. Digging for pre-weddings is our guilty pleasure and we're always making sure to get you the best of them. The pre-wedding shoot that we found in our mailbox today is something that so many of us would have surely dreamt of.

Captured gorgeously by CineLove Productions this pre-wedding shoot called L'Amore spans across Europe. Shot in hot and suave destinations like Lake Como, Milan, Paris and Venice, Prasanna and Kanchan's pre-wedding photos looks straight outta a Bollywood movie. Picturesque locations, lakes, and gorgeous buildings made up for perfect backdrops and we couldn't be more swept off our feet. Beautified and amped up by a Paris Makeup artist & hairstylist JHo Cruzat the couple looked resplendent and dazzled under the European skies.

Looking so in love and classy as ever, this couple's pre-wedding will have you hooked and how!

In fact, let's get right into it...


The scintillating waters of Lake Como make for a heavenly location for a picture perfect pre wedding shoot. Romancing on the edge of a motor boat this couple surely had the time of their lives.

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Source JHo Cruzat


The architecture and culture filled city of Milan is undoubtedly an offbeat location to walk hand-in-hand and wander around the city, gazing at the incredible view it has to offer.

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Don't you think the "City of Love" obviously has to be on your list if your covering Europe? Definitely an 'it' location for every hopeless romantic born on this planet. *grins*

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The gorgeous Venice and its Gondola Rides are one of the best ways to embark upon the journey of your love. They're magnanmus and will make you feel no less than royalties. We're all hearts for this couple!

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Source JHo Cruzat

Have a look at their mesmerising promo teaser

If all of these snapshot's weren't enough to satiate your heart with the magnetism of this couple, we're sure this pre-wedding teaser will have you totally hooked. Have a look and soothe your eyes! :P


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