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Plunging Necklines? Here are 6 Awesome Ways to Rock a Deep Neckline with Elegance

ShaadiSaga, 09 Nov 2015


Feeling sexy, are we? Nothing makes you feel sensual and lady-like quite as donning a gown or a choli featuring a deep neckline with just a hint of cleavage popping out. While many may not prefer showcasing that too, you can always cover it in various forms without looking, well, vulgar. After all, when it comes to wedding wear, an ungraceful plunging neckline is always considered to be frown-worthy, especially because “the elders” may not like what they see. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some graceful examples, tips and tricks, for elegant low-cut blouses, gowns and other traditional wear that you can take cues from, without risking to look awkward. Take note:

#1: Accessorize with a larger-than-life necklace


That, or those long multi-layered kundan necklaces!If you’re wearing a fitted choli and draping the dupatta over your head or on the side, an exquisite neckpiece in a contrasting shade is all you need to shift focus away from your bust area, whilst looking elegant in a deep neckline.

#2: Use two dupattas


If you’re not the bride, it may sound insane to don two dupattas instead of one. But, hear us out. While your outfit’s regular dupatta may come in a contrasting color, choose a soft, neutral-hued net dupatta to drape along your torso, thus, adding a regal touch to your ensemble. This way, not only do you manage to work a deep neckline, but you also elevate the look of your outfit.

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#3: Choose blouses with intricate embroidery


“But… wouldn’t that draw attention to my bust, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid?” In a way, yes. But the focus of your audience would be more on the detailed work on your neckline, rather than your bust itself. If a little show-off here and there isn’t much of a deal breaker for you, choose a blouse that has beautiful work on it, and still manage to rock a low-cut neckline.

#4: Wear the right bra


Well, duh! No matter how great your figure might be, the wrong inner-wear can totally put your entire look down. Never, never underestimate the power of a good bra. And, in case of a deep neckline, always ensure that your inner-wear is fitted, padded (in case of a non-padded blouse), and doesn’t peek out of your blouse. In an unusual way, wearing the right bra will lend you the confidence no amount of tricks could do.

#5: Style your hair in bouncy, wavy locks


Yet another excellent trick to showcase a deep neckline in traditional wear without making it look in-your-face is to avoid buns and choose to style your hair in bouncy waves that reach well beyond your bust. Not only does the grace it exudes have the power to make you look ethereal, but the way those locks will fall over your bust area can save you some awkward peeks from your audience.

#6: Keep your posture in check


Last, but definitely not the least, your posture defines how confident you are in what you’re wearing. For obvious reasons, don’t hunch a lot, or bend unnecessarily. Keep your back straight, your core tight, and act as if you’re feeling your best wearing what you are. The confidence and poise you emanate will do justice to your look, regardless of how low-cut that neckline is. Notice how models on the ramp don’t feel one bit conscious about what they’re wearing? It’s because they walk straight, knowing that if they don’t believe in their outfit, no one else will. Got some unique tips to rock a deep neckline yourself? Share with us in the comments below!