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Playful & Different Couple Poses are a Must Have for the Wedding Day!

Divya Arora, 28 Jun 2018

From candids to mere posed pictures of hugs, twirls, mushy eye contacts, forehead kisses, and what not, getting your wedding photos done is overwhelming.

If you have your list brimming with ideas but you still run out of poses, don't worry we've got you covered! Just break the monotony of those cliched shots and have some fun all the way. We witnessed couples getting clicked with interesting and playful poses on the day of their wedding & create some memories for a lifetime.

They are an absolute YAY and must-haves because such poses not only capture the real fun and jolly side of yours but, are a treat to look at.

You might want to take some inspiration from these couples, scroll below and see for yourself!

Guys! Spoil her as much!

Dab your way into new beginnings

When you know how to enjoy & have fun anywhere

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Take a free fall into his arms

While playing your favorite sport together

If he is too occupied to pose, you pose!

Girls, sometimes lift him up too!

For the bride whose man is always busy on the phone

Couples who drink together stay together

A kiss that makes you fly

For every kickass bride

Never stop being playful

When you can't stop gushing over his cuteness

Getting all jumpy? Perfect shot!

Every couple's story, right?

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Lift her up for the win

If you love her, flaunt it! Wear it!

Have fun along the way

One on the knees shot

A forehead kiss is always special

Aren't these too fun to look at? What are your playful wedding day poses?