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Planning Your Own Wedding? Here are 10 Mistakes You Must Avoid At All Costs!

Neha Garg, 02 Sep 2015

You see, no matter how much you plan every bit, things ought to go out of hand, or worse, wrong. Sometimes, the photographer will cancel 2 days before the big day. The wedding theme will not turn out to be as great as it looked in the photos (I mean, how hard is it to understand the difference between rose pink and carnation pink, right?). Sometimes, the budget will shake to such an extend, that you seriously contemplate selling your kidneys (oh, please. I know we've all used this phrase at least once in our life!). And, sometimes, it'll just rain on the day of your wedding, because, nature is, well, vicious. Point is, catastrophes are inevitable, and many of us Indians are still not convinced that we need a wedding planner. So, how about we take a breather, learn from others' mistakes, and avoid committing our own? Wedding planning is no child's play, and if you're going to help your parents by taking up on some of the bazillion responsibilities, here's your chance to get it right. Let's look at 10 mistakes you should totally steer clear of when planning your wedding. Booking an aloof venue


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That beach may look gorgeous during the evening, but if it takes an impractical amount of time and energy to reach, it's a total thumbs down. Wedding venues must be accessible to one and all, and, if you've chosen one in your home town, it must be closer to your place, given the hundreds of rounds your family will be doing. Higher the charges, better the services. Right? Wrong!


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The movie “Band Baaja Baraat” may or may not have taught us anything, but it gave a pretty good idea about how the big guns of the industry cheat us. So, let's not judge a vendor's work by their rates, okay? Dig deeper, research more, and find out about vendors that are not only within your budget, but are ready to cater to your whims. Believe me, those are the ones that are more passionate about their services. Trying To Make Everyone Happy


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You're one of those, aren't you? The ones who just can't sleep at night if they pissed someone off. Well, in this case, drop it. You better think of yourself and your family before anybody else. You can't please everybody with your choices – be it the venue, the food, or, even the groom! Singing about your wedding to every stranger you meet cool bluez

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Social media is one thing; telling anyone and everyone that you're getting married soon will only create complications. Why, you ask? Two reasons. First, it'll make for a pretty awkward situation if they're not on your guest list. Second, even if they are, people love giving opinions. “Omg, you should wear a Tarun Tahiliani instead of a Manish Malhotra!”, or “ew, you seriously having your wedding at that venue?”, thereby, confusing you even more. Well, you get the picture. Dissing your partner's ideas Want to experience a couple of last-minute cancellations? Your wedding ceremony could be one of them. It may sound like I'm kidding, but believe me, I'm not. Your fiance may not have an out-of-the-world taste, but in the end, it's all about making each other happy and reinstate their belief in the fact that they chose the right person to marry. Accepting a couple of their ideas is a start. Mum's the word? Not all the time! Give your mother a break. She's handling too much already. Even if you've been forever dependent on your mother for the smallest of matters, take charge of a few things during this busy period. For instance, you could stop dragging her to all your parlor appointments, and go get it done on your own. Imagine how much time she would save! Hiring your friend for a service


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Now, this, I think, is debatable. However, I'd still say that you skip doing it. Your friend may be an awesome photographer or a bridal designer, and may have received many accolades in doing so. But, suppose, it doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to be, wouldn't you like to reserve the right to scream or bash? When it's a friend in the picture, things don't take time to turn sour. Having no plan B or plan C


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Any “planner” out there will tell you that one of the most important aspects of any wedding is to keep alternatives handy. You'll be amazed at the relief you experience the moment something goes wrong. Take for instance, outdoor weddings in June. If nature is going to play a dirty trick on your big day, you better have an indoor alternative in place. Being too strict on yourself Being a perfectionist is a trait to be admired, unless it becomes a pain in your own life. Be cool enough to compromise on certain things – if you haven't found the exact Punjabi choora, you loved on a friend, go for something else. Or, crash dieting like a crazy woman. Your uncompromising nature can create unnecessary obstacles at critical instances. Discarding traditions totally Claude 1

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What else are Indian weddings about, really? As modern brides, we often forsake traditions for a taste of the contemporary, thus, turning off one too many important people in our life. Even if you don't want to, incorporate just a few traditional elements in your wedding, and see how your folks' faces light up on the big day. It could be anything from adding an antique necklace that once belonged to your grandmother, to incorporating long-forgotten rituals during the pheras.

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Writing Credits: Veethi Telang