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50+ Photo Ideas To Flaunt Your Kaleeras In The Most Beautiful Fashion

Anupriya Khanna, 09 Nov 2019

Looking for new and latest Kaleera designs? Stores where you can buy the best ones & get them customized? Or maybe trying to explore different types that are raging, like the floral kaleeras, the modern ones with seashell embellishments & personalisations or the Over-the-top kaleeras? Then our blog is like your bible. There’s hardly anything that we’ve missed. And taking the kaleera guide a notch higher today, we tell you how you can give these blingy charms the attention they deserve. The question that lies here is, how you can do it? Well, by not leaving a chance to flaunt them even once! While you get the kaleeras tied on your wrists, drop them on your girlies or simply pose around with them while getting ready, make sure the photographer captures all the action with utmost perfection. 

And to help you figure it out better, we narrow down here for you some foolproof ways of flaunting your kaleeras on your D-day. Just swear by them and let your photographer do the magic!

Kaleera Shots Every Bride Should Bookmark!

While you're at your candid best!

Source Prune India

Since Kaleera flat lays are a thing to fancy!

Let your kaleeras take the centre stage while you get ready!

Simply pose and show off those charming trinkets

Source Prerto
Source Krafterina
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And some beautiful peek-a-boos!

Now that's one gripping shot!

Add a tint of quirk and sass to your photos, just how these brides did!

What better way to ace your vidaai photos than by diverting all the attention to your kaleeras! *See, you can actually hide behind it!*

Something as intriguing as this?

Or some fun plandids like these that can instantly perk-up your wedding album!

Don't forget to get clicked while they tie those little charms to your wrists!

The 'rustling kaleera shots' are important too!


Tag a to-be bride and ask her to save them all!