Our Favourite Makeup Artists REVEAL Their Favourite Hair Bun Ideas For Brides!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 22 Mar 2017

If you thought hair buns were only meant for a traditional bridal look, think again! Starting from the side-swept buns to rolled up, twisty, braided, clean and even messy, there are a lot of options today for a bride to choose from. Remember how graceful Mira Rajput looked on the day of her wedding? We just can’t forget how beautiful her hair bun looked with baby’s breath flowers placed on top of it like a tiara.

So, we spoke to our favourite makeup artists and found out a bunch of cool hair bun ideas that would suit every bride. Here’s what they revealed:


Favourite bun style: A pulled back classic hair bun with gajra around it and a maang tikka

“For brides, I like to create something that is high on trend yet timeless, so that it appeals even after years. I generally love to work with textured hair and my top favorite choices would be buns created with tousled waves, whether side or center and chic up-dos with a braid going from front to back. However, for a bride, nothing beats a timeless classic bun with all hair pulled back with a beautiful maang tikka and a gajra around it."

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Picture Courtesy: Avantika Kapur


Favourite bun style: Simple messy bun behind and neat look in front

“I like the messy bun look from behind and front relatively neater. With all the jewellery and dupatta near the face, too much of a messy hair look in front doesn't look neat and appealing to me. Also, I don't prefer very elaborate hairstyles (buns) with thousand pins, backcombing and over-styling. Simple looks better like a messy bun look in the back.”

Picture Courtesy: Pooja Sonik


Favourite bun style: Messy braided buns with gajra

“I love braided buns with gajra. I've never been a fan of too much backcombing and like to keep it as natural as possible. Hair twisted or braided in the front looks great. And of course, gajra completes the look for me. Either wrapped around the bun or placed differently, it always looks beautiful. The bun, I always prefer messy.”

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Picture Courtsey: Sakshi Malik 


Favourite bun style: Messy buns with floral add-ons

“Slightly messy buns with floral additions look great. Adding flowers especially white orchids on the bun makes it look nicer with the see-through effect of the dupatta.”

Picture Courtsey: Sakshi Sagar


Favourite bun style: Unkempt wavy low hair bun

“Unkempt wavy low hair bun is my personal favourite for a classic chic bridal look as well as a clean neat front with a medium sized bun placed mid to high."


Picture Courtesy: Sakshi Sood


Favourite bun style: Soft, slightly messy, finger combed buns

“I like soft, slightly messy, finger combed buns that look both effortless and girly. I think a perfect bun depends on one’s facial structure, the type of hair accessory she is wearing (maang tikka, mathapatti or passa) and the weight of the dupatta.”

Picture Courtesy: Shruti Sharma


Favourite bun style: A bridal bun that has lots of lifts and textures

“I think a carefully created mess in the hairstyle makes it all the more contemporary and interesting and this is only possible to execute placing a lighter dupatta.”

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Picture Courtesy: Tejasvini Chander

Featured Image Credits: The Cheesecake Project

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