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Miracle Foods for that much needed Bridal Glow *You gotta Try 'em Now*

Shivani Malhotra, 11 Apr 2018

After all the jamming sessions of sangeet night and hangover parties a.k.a. bachelorette fun, we understand the struggle to look fresh after spending hours of no sleep. No matter how tired are you, the glow should not be compromised! From dadi to nani when everybody would be showering you with their age-old home remedies, you can surprise them with some extra knowledge!  *Give us some credits later*

Little that we know, how much that extra ounce of makeup will make a difference to hide those eye bags and tiredness. These tried-and-tested foods are definitely going to make a difference to get you that instant glow. So, brides-to-be feel good about your skin and share the rest information secretly!

Let’s go one-by-one…

1. Chia Seeds

No matter what their size is they’re the real glow-getters. Being an excellent antioxidant, they are also rich in Omega 3 which can give an instant glow. It deeply nourishes the skin reducing inflammation or dryness. The best part about them is that they can be consumed in any and almost everything. You can sprinkle them on salads, fruits, smoothies or take 1 spoon with lukewarm water early morning on an empty stomach.

2. Lemons

When it comes to best detoxifier, the best option that comes to our mind is lemon in lukewarm water with honey in the morning! Not only it cleanses the whole digestive system but also removes toxins from the body and makes skin glow naturally.

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3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are natural skin repairers. They are the natural source of antioxidants which provides clear and damage-free skin. Everything about tomatoes will benefit in one or the other way. Consuming them in one or the other way will benefit not only the skin but the digestion and heart also.

4. Avocados

Being full of fatty acids and proteins which works wonders for the body is just good to fill your tummy for the breakfast too. The rich vitamin B and E content will strengthen the hair follicles and also make skin super smooth and shiny altogether.

5. Garlic

The age-old tried-and-tested food award goes to Garlic. If you’re new to its taste, there might be chances that initially you may feel bad about its smell and taste. But, when you actually see its wonders on your skin, you'll feel like thanking garlic. With an ability to boost blood circulation it prevents breakouts. For regular consumption should be mixed with food either chopped or crushed.

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6. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is almost everybody’s best friend. Knowing that it is as beneficial as for your skin as well makes us love them more. Dark Chocolate provides great texture to your skin so binge eating chocolates.

Let us know what miracle foods work best for glowing skin, in the comments below!