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5 Styling Tips For Men To Ace The Pre Wedding Shoot

Tanya Puri, 07 Nov 2017

For men all over- if you think proposing to your girl and subsequently planning the big day is all you’ve got in your kitty, think again! Pre-wedding shoots have now become such an essential part of wedding planning with the choicest of clothes and locations that you cannot get away with the mediocre. Whether you’re looking in your closet or shopping at your favourite store, knowing what looks great in photos isn't always obvious, especially when it comes to putting together complimenting looks for couple portraits.

We know the ladies get most of the inspiration when it comes to engagement outfits, so this post is just for the men. Check out our best tips for putting together outfits for winter shoots that would feel as good on as they look in photos!

#1 Essential Items Over Trendy

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When in doubt about where to begin, pick the six essential items that can never go wrong! A v-neck sweater, crisp white shirt, brown shoes and brown belt, dark jeans and a blazer. These quality basics will give you an effortless classic and put-together look.

Tip: A blazer can be your greatest weapon when it comes to dressing for your shoot. Having a top layer dresses up your outfit, and you’ve got a built-in second look just by removing it!

#2 Coordinate And Compliment

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It's important to coordinate outfits by style, not color unless it's something subtle such as a pink dress for the lady with a pink pocket square for yourself. The best trick is to keep the majority of your looks neutral and choose one element to coordinate.

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Tip: If your fiancé is wearing a pair of jeans and a light-toned sweater with it, you could wear a Flannel or a Barbour jacket, which could be draped over her shoulders for a few shots!

#3 Invest In Tailoring

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Have your tuxedo expertly tailored? An average tux when perfectly fitted can transform any guy into James Bond—and look as dapper as James Bond was never a bad thing, was it?

Tip: If it’s an outdoor shoot in the chilly winters, we recommend a navy or camel topcoat with a nice scarf to complete the look!

#4 Go Playful With Accessories

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Letting your fiancé shine is important, but it's a special opportunity for you as well. Don't be afraid to have a bit of fun!

Leave "going bold" for the experts, as there is a thin line between being fashionable and looking comical. That doesn't mean that a bit of fun can't be had tastefully. How about creative accessories like a bow tie in options from floral, velvet, tweed or even sequined for a smart look with a hint of fun or pocket watches which is a simple addition that instantly gives some old world elegance to even the most modern of suits!

#5 Pay Attention To Your Shoes!

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You all know how for us ladies, the shoes make or break an outfit most of the times and we must tell you that it should be no different for the men! If there is one style of shoe that has old world style and sophistication written all over them, it is the brogue. Pair them with your perfectly tailored suits or jeans and shirts. What’s cool is that they could turn out to be a great addition to a pair of shorts and t-shirt too, only with a quirky pair of socks!

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The biggest tip, however, is to find a look that reflects the style and personality of the couple that you are! Of course, you want to look the part! But remember, you will be the happiest and therefore look most relaxed if you wear something you’re most comfortable in.

And there is nothing worse than the groom looking utterly uncomfortable and unhappy, even in an immaculate suit

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