Wedding trends have constantly been changing ever since vendors, bridal designers, decorators, etc. have started experimenting. After all, the need of the hour is to stand out and do something unique. And, we truly realised that wedding trends are changing rapidly when we saw something as traditional as wedding jaimalas also getting a new twist to them. This got to the peak after actor Rajkummar Rao ditched the usual red roses jaimala or the orchids one for Genda Phool jaimala. Yes, marigold jaimalas is a thing and it's taking the internet by the storm. So, if you too have lately been intrigued by this trend, scroll below and take inspo from real couples who opted for marigold jaimalas.

P.S- there aren’t many couples so if you do decide to go with marigold jaimalas, you’ll be one of the trendsetters!

Different Types of Marigold Jaimalas We Spotted at Real Weddings

There’s a Certain Charm in Simplicity

The most famous category of the marigold jaimalas is simply the plain one. Yes, the whole garland is just made of marigolds and no other flowers. And, we see the hype cuz this jaimala is looking divine on these real couples!

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Add Some Greens To Your Jaimala

The combination of green and orange is a match made in heaven. The colours merge so well together that it is one of the best sets ever. So, if you’re planning on getting marigold jaimalas, do consider having put a few greens in between.

I mean, if it's good enough for Rajkummar Rao and Patralekha then it's good enough for us!

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There’s Also the Combo of White & Orange

White is a soothing colour that plays a vital role in all spheres be it your bridal outfit or your wedding decor. We saw a few of the couples even go with a beautiful combination of white flowers and marigold jaimalas. Brides, give these a look and we promise you’re gonna fall in love!

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Marigold Jaimalas Are Trending & Here's Why!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Marigold Jaimalas Are Trending & Here's Why!