Weddings have found a new venue, i.e. home. And we all know whom to blame! The coronavirus pandemic, of course! Or should we call it a blessing in disguise cuz let’s just admit that cosy home weddings are the most endearing and warm affairs? Taking the biggest step of your life amid the familiar environs of your home is honestly the best decision you can take. In fact, home weddings have been prevalent even before the pandemic hit us. The concept was not just as common as it is at the moment. If you are planning to get hitched at your home, read on as we bring some utterly beautiful, easy and popular mandap ideas for your home wedding.

The mandap is the most sanctified and auspicious corner at the wedding where you take the pheras and solemnize your life. Couples give special attention to the mandap décor and leave no stone unturned to make it utterly special. Right from extravagant mandaps to the ones with minimal appeal, brides and grooms ensure that the mandap resonates with the aesthetic of the entire wedding setup. Don’t let the zest die down if you are having a home wedding. Whether the ceremony is held on the terrace, in the living room, or on the lawn side, there are ample popular mandap ideas for home weddings that you can take cues from. Even a little mandap backdrop will make your pheras more memorable and, of course, picturesque!

Trendy Mandap Ideas For Your Home Wedding

1. A DIY Mandap Backdrop Straight From A Lockdown Wedding

2. Simplistic Pink Mandap Decor For Home Weddings

3. Home Wedding Mandap With Contrasting Strings Of Marigold and Leaves!

4. A Gorgeous Pastel-Hued Backdrop For Your Dreamy Pheras by Our Vendor Eventsia

5. This Home Wedding Mandap Exudes Traditional Feels!

6. Duo of Golden Cascading Strings and All-Floral Backdrop by Aashirwaad Events = Absolute Perfection

7. A Peek Of Daksha and Rishabh's Dreamy Home Wedding Mandap!

8. All You Need Is Some Drapes and Pastel-Hued Roses!

9. Another Amazing Home Wedding Mandap Idea From A Real Wedding!

10. Got A Spacious Home? Deck It Up With White-Themed Mandap For Your Intimate Home Wedding!

11. How Simplistic Yet So Elegant! This Mandap Idea From A Real Terrace Wedding Has Our Heart!

12. Here's A Fool-proof Mandap Idea For Home Wedding. Just Suspend Some Floral Strings From The Ceiling & Add A Cloth Backdrop!

13. Set The Mandap Under Fairylights & Against A Vibrant Backdrop! *Works For Both Indoor & Outdoor Weddings*

14. And Here Are Some Minimalist Rustic Mandap Ideas For Rooftop or Lawn Weddings at Home

Final Words

So these were some of the latest Mandap Ideas For Your Home Wedding! Do not leave any stone unturned to make your home wedding special. Just because the celebrations are muted, you should not let the excitement dwindle. It is your most special day, and you sure don't want to regret not doing things you could do. Mandap decoration is often sidelined while planning a home wedding. Make sure you don't end up doing the same.


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Utterly Beautiful & Do-able Mandap Décor Ideas For Home Wedding

by Medha Chawla

Utterly Beautiful & Do-able Mandap Décor Ideas For Home Wedding