Wondering what a Managa Malai is? Well, it is no other than the newly trending South Indian necklace which is based on an elegant form of mango. Yes, we are talking about that long gold necklace that almost all the South Indian brides are seen in, on their wedding day. After all, it is a heritage piece which supposedly runs in the family for generations. That’s why we decided to feature these lovely looking brides who picked really alluring and beautiful managa malai designs for their wedding day. Take notes all you to-be South Indian brides cos these ladies have taken it up a notch! 

Trending Managa Malai Designs

1. Subtle & Simple Managa Malai Chains 

If you’ve already picked a very heavy jewellery set and want the managa malai chain to act as a complimenting piece of jewellery on your neck, then without blinking go with a subtle and simple managa malai design. You can also go with this design if you want to wear something on your neck which is not too heavy or if you’re planning on having an intimate wedding! 

2. Managa Malai Temple Jewellery 

We have spotted some stupendous and best managa malai designs in temple jewellery and if you want a heavy look then this is the best design out of all for you. Temple jewellery based managa mali necklace will give such a royal wedding look and if you’re able to find a matching temple jewellery belt, then there is nothing better! 

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3. Super Heavy Managa Malai Designs

Ladies, go all out for your wedding and opt for a super heavy managa malai design necklace. You deserve to look grand on one of the most important days of your life and if you’re having second thoughts, then simply scroll below to see these women rock the heavy managa malai necklaces! 

4. Statement Managa Malai Designs

A piece of jewellery can look extremely beautiful if there’s a statement element to it and who says that you can’t get that element in your managa malai necklace? You can simply opt for that necklace which has a little something going on in the end or has some sort of design. If you’re having difficulty in imagining that element, then simply scroll below and find the latest managa malai designs. We promise ladies, you won’t be disappointed! 

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Managa Malai Designs We Are Crushing Over On South Indian Brides!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Managa Malai Designs We Are Crushing Over On South Indian Brides!