Malabar Gold and Diamonds’ Wedding Style Guide for a Punjabi Bride!

ShaadiSaga, 02 Nov 2019

Jewellery courtesy: Malabar Gold and Diamonds

For any bride, bridal jewellery is extremely crucial. However, you need to be quite assured of the kind of jewellery you adorn; since that can absolutely decide your look for your BIG day! To help you shine perfectly on your wedding day, we at Shaadisaga along with jewellery experts, Malabar Gold & Diamonds vow to put your bridal look in place to make you look like a princess on one of the most important days of your life.

The right jewellery will both accentuate your bridal look and also help you have the best of both worlds—traditional & modern. 

Interested to know more? Read on and know how!

Malabar Gold and Diamonds’ Styling Guide for a Punjabi Bride: What to choose & why?

We know Punjabis take their jewellery very seriously and when you’re a bride, you want the best while deciding your bridal baubles. Every ornament donned by a Punjabi bride right from the traditional Kaleeras, the elaborated Matha Pattis to the queenly necklaces need to speak the language of grandeur and beauty. To make sure your bridal jewellery is everything you dreamt of, Malabar Gold and Diamonds has curated the perfect style guide for all you Punjabi brides-to-be out there.

Single Necklace or Layered Necklace?

Since Punjabi Brides are all about elegance and sophistication, layered necklaces are the right choice for you! These necklaces perfectly complement your attire, which will complete your bridal look, and make you the cynosure of all eyes on your special day!

Deck up your bridal look with a stylish choker and add a touch of traditionalism with the magnificent Rani Haars from Malabar Gold and Diamonds. 

Jewellery courtesy: Malabar Gold and Diamonds
Jewellery courtesy: Malabar Gold and Diamonds
Jewellery courtesy: Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Nose Ring or Chain Nath?

A traditional Punjabi bridal look is incomplete without a nath, accentuated with a dainty chain which will make you look royal but delicate at the same time. A chain nath truly defines the aesthetics of a Punjabi bride. Chained naths are not only easy to wear but also add a bit of definition to your look too.

Jewellery courtesy: Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Only Choodas or Choodas with Kadas?

As a Punjabi bride, no one understands better how essential choodas are to complete your look, and how crucial it is to pick the right choodas. Along with the chooda, you can always have some fun by adding a couple of fancy bangles or enameled & embellished kadas for a pop of color. Find these stylish kada designs only at Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Jewellery courtesy: Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Maang Tikka or Matha Patti?

We understand how difficult it is for a Punjabi bride to decide whether to pick a Maang Tikka or a Matha Patti. Here’s the trick–If your necklace is big and bold, choosing a statement Maang Tikka will do the talking of your subtle yet striking bridal look. 

Jewellery courtesy: Malabar Gold and Diamonds

The charm of elaborated Matha Pattis with its intricate designing from Malabar Gold and Diamonds is sure to make you look like a dream on your wedding day

Jewellery courtesy: Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Malabar Gold and Diamonds has a huge array of exquisite jewellery pieces for brides of all Indian cultures and trust us, it’s a treat for the jewellery fanatics. From diamonds to Polki to Kundan, their collection has a wide range of jewellery to choose from.


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