Makeup Expert Shruti Sharma Reveals Tips To Keep In Mind Before Finalising Your Bridal Hairdo!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 31 Mar 2017

If you think you can just pull off any hair bun on your wedding day as the dupatta over your head would hide your hairdo, you’re WRONG!

A gorgeous bridal hairstyle is very significant to get the perfect look together. It’s capable of making as well as breaking your entire wedding look, so you just cannot take it lightly.

We spoke to Shruti Sharma, a renowned bridal makeup artist, and she was more than happy to share tips that the brides-to-be must keep in mind before picking a hairstyle:

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#1 The face structure

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Understand your face shape before deciding the front look of your hairstyle. A bun with hair all the way back can be great for brides with an oval face while a side partition is better choice for square or heart shaped faces. The front style can also make the forehead look smaller or bigger if required. If looking to add a softer appearance to the face, then a few wispy strands coming out of a bun can be the way to go.

#2 Type of hair accessory

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Maang tikka, matha patti or passa?  With a maang tikka, the hair can be pulled all the way back, kept on the side or even parted in the middle. With a matha patti, it’s always better to go for a center part or all the way back and always a side part with a passa.

#3 Weight of the dupatta

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You can go for open hair or a soft messy bun in case the weight of the dupatta is super light else stick to a tighter bun that will hold the dupatta in place the whole time.

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Most importantly, your personal style and the look you have in mind!

It’s always best to be who you are even on the most important day of your life. Any variation from this rule can sometimes make brides uncomfortable and that always shows up in pictures!

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Do you have any more tips in mind? Do share with us in the comments below!