Wondering Which Maang Tikka Will Suit Your Face? We Are Here To Help!

Tanya Baisoya, 27 Nov 2019

While your wedding look just can't be complete without your ethereal jewellery, let's agree, that choosing the right set of ornament can be quite troublesome! And here, our face structure plays a major role. Because hey! if you thought you could wear a chandelier maang tikka while having a round face, we are telling you, it might turn out to be a fashion faux pas! So be careful about these small details all you brides & bridesmaids! And to make things further easier for you, we are here with our list of trendy maang tikkas for every face shape. Yes, you read that right! So, just skim through our blog, and be ready to make a statement at the upcoming winter wedding season. 

Fashionable Maang Tikka For Every Face Shape

1. Round Face

If you have a round face, you must go for maang tikkas that aren't huge in size. Small sized pendants, pearls or even a floral maang tikka look stunning on a round face.

2. Heart-Shaped Face

Kundan maang tikkas or the ones that are triangle in shape accentuate a heart-shaped face even more and fit in perfectly!

3. Diamond Cut Face

Our real bride wore this simple maang tikka with green and white emeralds and looks absolutely stunning!

Source Mili Ghosh
Source Mili Ghosh

4. Square-Shaped Face

A big-sized round maang tikka goes perfect with a square-shaped face. Such maang tikkas will help you cover the extra space on your forehead!

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5. Rectangle-Shaped Face

Kundan maang tikkas with tear drop beads, that are not too large are made for rectangle-shaped faces. If you want to do it in an even more simpler manner, you can go with small-sized round-shaped maang tikkas that gold plated with pearls. 

6. Oval Face 

Go for the Rajasthani borla maang tikka or the ones that large and embellished, if you have an oval face cut. 


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