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Lip Dub :- The New Face Of Wedding Sangeet

Jyoti Adhikari, 25 Sep 2014


Lip dub ! For those of you who have heard about it for the first time let me just ease you into this amazing new concept! Even though most popular with our Indian audiences at weddings, it has a lot more to it. Let me elucidate. It involves the participants lip-syncing and dancing to popular dance numbers/Bollywood songs. It can range from a flash mob to marking a special occasion. Lip Dub is here to stay! Yes sir! It has now taken the whole world by storm. Done not only in private parties but also by companies. A certain Lip Dub video shared by an Israeli man on Valentines’ day shot in Tel Aviv went viral on YouTube, showing him being quite a sport and lip dubbing a song by Beyonce. So are the ‘London Thumakda’ Lip Dub Wedding Videos! The list is endless.


Yes, you got it correctly! You yes you or all the people participating in a lip dub get to live and be a hero in a 5 to 4 minute dance performance. Isn’t that like a dream come true and for those who can’t dance for nuts just like me well you gotta do it anyway dude! Who said life is fair! But my dearies there’s always hope. Even though people might be looking forward to an Oscar like performance, you the so called greatest non-dancing black sheep of the family or whatever they call you in the family, are in luck! Let me break it down for you. People don’t you see it! In these awfully competitive times if you dance my style well like a duck mostly or a chicken whose backside caught fire you are without a doubt the star of the ceremony! Guests will remember you in centuries to come,  grannies will swear by you and if that’s not enough the dulhas’ drunk buddies will send you their wedding invitations just so their weddings can be just as ‘’magical’’ ! So guys isn’t Lip Dub the greatest? It not only gives you a high but also makes you ‘’the person ‘’ to reckon with at parties!


Well, apart from being the ‘’how to be a Lip Dub star’’ major tips that I just threw at you for free, it is a beautiful way to express your love to your to- be hubby. It certainly has the charm and style. Plus you get to recreate the ‘’magic’’. Tips for those who want to use Lip Dub to make their wedding day the most remembered day of their lives- 1)      You can have a song about the day you first met and then how one thing led to another. 2)      About how your bride to- be has a certain way of making you feel great every time you are low 3)      How he sweeps you off your feet 4)      How you would literally hold your breath when he/she was your crush 5)      Those very tedious times you spent to think of meeting that would look oh so natural and normal! 6)      how you would brush your teeth thrice a day just to have those perfect white teeth (I guess you didn’t see that one coming ). [Strictly for guys ] etc etc,,, Lip dub is a source of entertainment not only during the Ladies sangeet but also before the wedding/reception. Minus the sangeet the men folk too get to shake a leg and show off their dance moves ( duck style or rap whatever !). It brings together the whole family as everyone gets involved even the little angels or tiny tots who make it more cute . Lip dub is a sure shot way of making weddings a more enjoyable experience rather than just sitting like an audience in the theatre watching the couple sitting on stage like stalkers! It gives you another reason and a good one, to attend a wedding apart from the most obvious reason .The Food you guys ! C’mon !!