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Let’s do it Candid

ShaadiSaga, 11 Jul 2014

A latest trend in the Indian weddings, Candid photography. A package wherein you get awesome movie-like shots and that too without instructed posing. All you have to do is to look your best and pay these beauty-intensifiers and there you have your shots, natural and simply brilliant.

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“Sakshi, what about the photographer? We still haven’t decided any.” asked Anshul to his fiancé Sakshi. “Whatever it is, I do not want a photographer who yells at me on my own function saying ‘madam! Thoda left dekhiye..thoda aur’  or makes me pose like a 80s ki heroine  where I have to deliberately blush looking at me hennaed hands. How about Candid Photography?”

“We wanted effortless pictures which would catch the essence of the moment and this is exactly what Candid photographers promised.” says Sakshi Babbar Paul. Along with a pre-wedding shoot and pictures of bride’s jewellery and couture, the couple were handed high definition picturebooks and cinematic video films as a memoir of their special day and not to forget the innumerable likes and ‘awws’ they received on their pictures.

Pre-wedding shoot is in vogue these days as everybody likes to show their couple style through pictures taken at picturesque locations. So if you do not want those frozen pictures’ of you sitting on your wedding stage like a statue then go for Candid Photography, an expensive but a choice which will result in a beautiful and unedited collection of your wedding nuances.

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