Bridal Fashion

JUST IN: Now Design Your Own Wedding Outfits On This Website!

Sanchita Kalra, 17 Jun 2017

Whenever there's a wedding in our family, don't we girls become outfit designers? Rushing to masterji for the last minute changes, requesting him to make the blouse more backless-y or for that matter, just to get the fit right ;) We all have been in that situation!

So guess what this entrepreneur cum designer decided to do?

A little birdie told us that to cater to all such outfit customisations, PerniasPopUpShop.Com is about to launch the newest 'Sketch to Reality' feature wherein you get to be your own designer. For those living under the rock, the website is run by Pernia Qureshi and offers the best of the best Indian designer wear.

The unique experience of 'Sketch to Reality' will offer various designs of anarkalis, lehengas, saris, kurta sets that you'll be able to tailor and personalise according to your taste! Pernia says, "The idea was to let the customer be their own designer. We get queries from people all over the world wanting to customise their outfits."

What's more? You can send in your reference images, an explanation for the design team to understand your requirements and, of course, your measurements. The delivery time of the outfit is 3 weeks but also depends on the amount of your customisation! So brides and bridesmaids, here's another thing made available just within a click. No more shopping for the perfect outfit in the scorching heat!