Instagram is the prime place to discover drool-worthy food images, adorable cat and dog videos and pictures of your celebrity crush doing about their daily lives. But if you're a bride to be, then Instagram is the centre of your attention for all ideas wedding- from decor inspiration to the kind of eye makeup you want for every function of this upcoming festivity. But there is one other thing Instagram can be useful for, and that is to help you get into shape for your wedding. 

Now, we don't need to re-establish the fact that being a bride is stressful. And every bride wants to look like the best version of herself on her wedding day. However, on one hand, you have the outlandish #weddinggoals and expectations set by the wedding industry that dictates you to look a certain way. While, on the other hand, you have the diet industry telling you to lose weight. The pressure game before your wedding hit a certain high when all of this is topped over by the worries of the perfect dress, perfect venue, perfect bridal entry song etc. 

All of this leaves a very limited amount of time and attention to get into shape before your wedding. So to lessen that stress on your shoulders, we're here to share with you a list of our favourite fitness bloggers on Instagram who can give you the down-low on how to tone up for your wedding the right and healthy way!

7 Instagram Fitness Bloggers You Need To Start Following


Handle: @amandabisk

With 720K Instagram followers, Amanda Bisk is a former Australian pole vaulter turned professional yoga trainer who gives us major #fitnessgoals. This fit Aussie girl focuses on stretching, health, and body toning—and she's got the body to show for it. Her entire profile is full of fitness workout routines and healthy habits that one can easily follow at home or at the gym. Plus her motivational posts that are sure to inspire you to tone up before your wedding. 


Handle: @krissycela

With a fan following of1.8 million Instagrammers, Krissy Cela's approachable and fun workout routines are something you can't shy away from. Living by the mantra, 'workout anywhere', Krissy offers her followers tons of free workout ideas, motivational stories and quotes. Plus, she also owns an app called Tone & Sculpt app which is one of the best fitness and meal planning programs we've ever seen.


Handle: @namratapurohit

Namrata is a pilates instructor that you need to start following today. With 266k followers on Instagram, this gorgeous pilates queen maintains an energetic and spirited Instagram page full of fitness inspo and her workout routines, sometimes even with celebrities. One of the youngest people to ever become a certified Stott Pilates instructor, she is the founder of The Pilates Studio in Mumbai. As a certified Pilates reformer, chair, ladder barrel and Cadillac instructor, Purohit is on a quest for pushing the boundaries of fitness, which makes her a trustworthy source to get your 'fitspo' from. 


Handle: @popsugarfitness

POPSUGAR Fitness is a popular fitness page on multiple platforms like Instagram and Youtube. It offers fresh fitness tutorials, workouts and exercises along with diet plans and healthy eating options that can help you on your road to getting in shape. POPSUGAR Fitness is a major fitness community with 947K followers. You'll be inspired to sweat it out with their buzzing workouts that can be done either at home or at the gym and mouthwatering recipes which can be made with easily available healthy ingredients. 


Handle: @rebeccalouisefitness

Rebecca Lousie is an Instagram fit girl with an inspiring story. After fighting through her anorexia and depression at the age of 17, Rebecca turned her life around and became a yoga instructor, nutrition expert and personal trainer. Rebecca's Instagram page is 585K followers strong, and full of lively workout routines, motivational challenges and nutritional information that you can follow at home and live a healthy and active lifestyle. 


Handle: @charleeatkins

With 59.6K followers, Charlee Atkins is an NYC-based Soulcycle instructor and the founder of Le Sweat and Le Stretch fitness classes. An overall happy and positive human being, Charlee Atkins actively shares videos of workouts, warmups and stretches that you can do at home. Basically, she can be your Insta personal trainer who'll keep you encouraged throughout your journey to tone up before the wedding. 


Handle: @nidhimohankamal

Director of NidSun Wellness and a food scientist, Nidhi Mohan specialises in nutrition for weight loss and has an overall experience of over 14 years. Nidhi is also a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga trainer and Strength Fitness trainer with expertise in Rehab and Resistance training. With 66K followers, Nidhi shares active 'workout anywhere' routines, and healthy recipes which can aid you in your weight loss journey as your wedding approaches. 


Who're your favourite Instagram fitness bloggers? Let us know in the comments below!

Check Out These 7 Instagram Fitness Bloggers To Tone Up For Your Wedding

by Shivani Singh

Check Out These 7 Instagram Fitness Bloggers To Tone Up For Your Wedding