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How To Choose A Wedding Photographer For Your Special Day?

Nanditha Sankar, 28 Apr 2015

Marriages are once in a lifetime event. They come and they go, leaving us with some pristine and memorable moments to cherish for a long, long time. We may only have a handful of photos of the weddings of our grandparents and very often we get to see them looking at those photos lovingly. Today, we live in a technologically savvy world and it has become very easy to flash moments. But when it comes to a wedding, it becomes quintessential to get the right wedding photographer. To capture those lovely moments of love, laughter and happily ever after. Here are some tips to get a great wedding photographer:


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The Photography Style

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Photographed By: Namit Narlawar

Every photographer is different. While some focus on the group moments, others give more importance to candid shots. Ask yourself which kind you want. Go for the guy who style your aligns. You can always go through the blogs or Facebook pages of photographers to get a glimpse of their style. In the event that you really want a photographer, but you feel his style doesn’t match with that of yours, you can always inbox them and have  a talk. Which brings us to communication.

Nothing should be unsaid


Photographed By: Namit Narlawar

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If you cannot get it across to the photographer about the kind of shots you need, the deal falls through and one of the two sides end up being happy (sides being you or the photographer) Get a photographer you can easily communicate with. Sometimes, you might want a crazy photoshoot with props. If the photographer is also able to understand, then all is well.s


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Photographed By: Namit Narlawar

We’re always on a budget and when it comes to a wedding, there are a lot of costs to be borne. The amount charged by the photographer is a factor worth considering. The photographer should not be someone who is simply after your money. Get someone who is really passionate about what they’re doing. See if your price expectations match with theirs. A candid photo shoot session would approximately cost 20,000-40,000 a day.

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Sample check


Photographed By: Namit Narlawar

You can always form an idea of a photographer’s work through the help of their previous albums. Feel free to ask them to share a few of their works. This sheds a lot of light on the kind of works they would have done in the past. Once you’ve seen the entire album (it’s very important to have gone through the entire album because a few photos cannot really help) you will be able to form an idea of what you want. Review the albums critically and come to a decision.

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Getting Acquainted


Photographed By: Namit Narlawar

Once you’ve chosen a photographer, make sure you get acquainted with the shooters who’ll be capturing you on the D-day. Trust you me the photos would come out more amazing.

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Contact references


Photographed By: Namit Narlawar

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Very often, photographers give you samples of their albums. It would be highly useful if you could contact those who had employed a certain photographer previously. Testimonials go a great deal into forming our opinions because they are a true opinion of how the photographer’s work was.

It all comes down to getting your perfect photoshoot during your wedding. It is all about passing it down the generations and showing them this was how memorable your D-day was. It’s  going to possibly be the best day of your lives. Why not make it picture-perfect?

Featured Image By: Namit Narlawar