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How & Where to Hire Bar Services For Wedding in Delhi: Your Ultimate Guide

Medha Chawla, 05 Sep 2019

ShaadiSaga Launches Wedding Bar Services

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Lifting up the spirits, and quenching the thirsty throats–a bar is undeniably the most sought-after spot at any wedding. And owing to the hep party culture of Delhi-NCR, you cannot skip having a luxe bar at your wedding functions. As much as it is important to woo your guests with a sumptuous food spread, you must also give them an unforgettable bar experience.

Wedding bar is no longer just about having a corner where drinks are served. It has instead evolved into an experiential and a luxuriant amenity at weddings with a touch of personalisation. Be it about having themed-bar decorations, customised bar menu and professional bartenders–there are so many ways to turn an ordinary wedding bar into an extraordinary one. However, doing so can be a stress-inducing task.

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But no more! Cuz, we at ShaadiSaga have now launched Bar Services for Wedding for you all! It is a one-stop for your bar needs at the wedding. Right from customising packages as per your needs to provide you with exclusive bar services, your favourite wedding planning portal has a lot in store for you. All you need to do is get our bar service quotations!

These services can be availed for weddings taking place in Delhi, Gurugram in Noida.

Read on to know about how and where hiring bar services for weddings in Delhi. This blog is nothing less than an ultimate guide about bar services in Delhi-NCR and gives you so many brownie points in the form of professional bar services. Read on to know it all.

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What are Bar Services For Wedding?

Before you go book your bar services for your Delhi Wedding, let us first enlighten you about what exactly are bar services for a wedding. 

You need bar services when you want to have a bar at your wedding or at any of your wedding ceremonies. These services include setting up of the bar area, its decor, providing bartenders, assisting the to-be-wed couple to create a personalised bar menu and so much more. A lot of people assume that the catering company will provide bar services. But this is not true in most of the cases.

With our premium bar services, we aim to provide our customers one-of-a-kind Bar experience for the wedding with customized menus and themed bars. Your Delhi wedding is definitely incomplete without hiring our bar services, and you'll be surprised how convenient they are. We even provide bar decorations and professional bartenders.

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As mentioned above as well, our bar services are a one-stop-solution to turn your dream wedding bar into a reality, and also to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Our exclusive bar services also include helping you decide with the quantity of drinks at your wedding and get you the bar licenses sorted. So cool, isn’t it?

Customized Bar Service For Wedding

Weddings are all about customisation and personalisation these days! Almost each and every aspect of the wedding reflects something about the couple. And it is a trend which we love from the core of our heart.

Same is the case with wedding bars. We provide you with a customised bar for your wedding that’ll etch unforgettable bar memories for your guests. And if you are a toddy-lover couple, then it goes without saying that you cannot miss out on having a customised bar at your wedding. 

In fact, there are so many ways to customise your wedding bar. Check them out below.

Personalised Bar Base 

We love this personalised bar decor with the bride’s name displayed on it!

Enchanting green bar

Nothing spells grandeur better than a lush green bar setup adorned with ferns and foliage.

Source Tanvi Puri

Truck-style wedding bars are all rage

We have been spotting a lot of these quirky truck-style bars at weddings. And aren’t they just so perfect for mehndi ceremony?

Include some fun signages

Signages never fail to work their charm. So, it is a great idea to customise your wedding bar with fun signage like this.

Quirky bars at weddings

You can also have an offbeat bar if it matches with the rest of your decorations.

Decor by Vivaah, Mumbai

A boat bar for the win

How about this uber-quirky idea for your nautical-themed wedding?!

Source ShaadiSaga

Personalised bar menu

Being the bride and the groom, you must consider having an uber-cool personalised bar menu. Take inspiration from the following snaps.

Source Tanvi & Co.
Source Pinterest

Bollywood-themed bar for wedding

Are you a Bollywood fan? You would be excited to know that you can even have a Bollywood-themed bar at your wedding. Have a look at some of the ideas.

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Types of Bar Services For Wedding?

When it comes to availing bar services for your wedding, you should not settle for anything less. You must not simply set up a bar corner at your wedding for the sake of simply serving drinks. Instead, it should be an experiential bar which drenches everyone in oodles of fun and luxury. And for that, it requires an array of professional bar services. Be it the decor, sourcing of the drinks, or providing skilled bartenders–bar catering for a wedding requires A LOT! 

However, with ShaadiSaga’s newest Bar Services, you don’t have to worry about it all. Our bar services are a one-stop solution for all your wedding bar needs. We are offering exclusive bar services under one roof that include professional bartenders, bar decor, personalised menus, and much more in the best prices. Apart from that, we even deploy elements like Bailey's dessert cart or Tanqueray spritzer in some special cases depending upon the brands you choose.

Professional Bartenders

Never underestimate the importance of bartenders at weddings. These professionals prepare the swankiest drinks with their exceptional skills and serve it to your guests with gleeful smiles. Having adequate staff at the bar ensures the quality of drinks and speedy service, making the guests merry. In our SSBarServices, we provide you with the best bartenders in Delhi-NCR who are sure to impress you with their mixology skills and turn your wedding into a luxe experience.

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Bar Decor

If decorated well, your wedding bar can double up as an ethereal decor marvel at the venue. You must pay some heed to the bar decor instead of giving no damn about it and then secretly wishing that it doesn’t appear in the photographs. Right from adorning it with minimal floral arrangements & personalised elements to creating a larger-than-life bar with magnanimous appeal–we can help you achieve the bar of your dreams either of the ways. 

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In our services, you get an exclusive bar setup and no, we’re not kidding! We set up a bar that resonates with the overall decor of the event. We even cater to special requests in case you want any themed and personalised decorations.

Customised Packages

So, to set up an open bar at your wedding, you need to buy a package from your bar service provider. The package is inclusive of what all type of drinks you wanna serve at your wedding along with their specific brands and quantity. But depending upon your preferences and the size of your guest list, the concept of customised packages has become a popular choice. Furthermore, customised packages are also way more feasible and pocket-friendly. You can choose whatever you wanna serve, without restricting to the quintessential variety.

Source Shaadi Saga

ShaadiSaga’s Bar Services does not restrict you to any rigid standard packages. Our customised packages allow you to reflect your personality and preferences via your wedding bar. 

Personalised Bar Menu

This is another hep wedding bar trend you must be aware of. Bar service providers create a personalised bar menu in which the names of the drinks are tweaked to add personal touches. Our bar services also inclusive of this millennial service wherein our expert sits with you to help you decide the personalised bar menu for your wedding.

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Glassware & Other Supplies

Ever noticed a bar at a wedding? It is definitely not only about drinks. There is a lot more on the bar table. And this is where we come to the most obvious and unmissable part of any bar, i.e. the glassware.

You need a variety of appealing glasses suitable for all types of drinks. Apart from that, the wedding bar is also incomplete without stirrers, dispensers, containers, ice, ice buckets, etc. Not just that, an adequate quantity of diverse mixers like juices, soda, tonic water, lemon juice also comprises in this service.

Source ShaadiSaga
Source Shaadi Saga

You would be surprised to know that not just glasses, a lot of new & peppy ways have cropped up in terms of serving drinks. Be it mason jars, fruit shells, bulb-shaped glasses to injection-style shots–there are so many ideas floating around.

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Detail Pricing of Bar Services For Wedding

Just like any other services, the pricing of your bar services for wedding also depends on several factors. The first one is, of course, the variety and brands you choose. Secondly, it is the quantity that determines the total cost of bar packages for the wedding. Also, let us tell you that the quantity is here calculated in terms of crates. 1 crate consists of 10 bottles of 750 ml.

The cost of bartenders, decoration and other supplies is added in the pricing as ‘added costs’. However, in ShaadiSaga Bar Services, you get a lot of exclusive bar services including a free of cost bar setup. How exciting is that! It is purely a steal-deal that you must not miss out on! Book our bar services here and be ready to boast an astounding bar experience at your wedding.

One a general note, approximately 10-20% of the wedding budget goes to the bar. This includes basic drinks, the decor, the expense of bartenders and mixologists, and the service tip. This percentage may vary depending on factors like the brands you choose and the kind of decorations you opt for. 

How it Works and how to hire bar services for a wedding?

Hiring ShaadiSaga’s new and exclusive Bar Services is really super simple. You just need to click on this link. It contains a simple form which will ask you to share a few basic details like your event date, venue, your contact number. You need to fill your details here and click on Submit. And that is it! Our representative will get in touch with you to confirm your preferences and share the best quotation with you. Whether you wanna inquire about bar packages cost for 100 to 200 guests or a massive gathering of more than 800 people, we will share the best prices & guarantee an exceptionally delightful service.

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You can further customise the package, make special requests and also share your decor setup ideas with them. The final cost will further depend on all these factors. We promise to give you the best prices along with a cherishable service experience. So, wait no more and book the best wedding services for your wedding here.


Bars have become an indispensable part of weddings in Delhi-NCR. If not the main wedding ceremony, at least one of the wedding functions like Cocktail, Sangeet or Reception boasts of a luxuriant bar. And according to the present scenario, having a bar at weddings is no more just about serving drinks. It is about indulging your guests in sheer luxury, giving them the experience to cherish forever; telling your love story to the guests and sharing your fondness for drinks. 

To do the same, you must avail the best bar services in Delhi-NCR who will not only surpass your expectations but will also keep the guests engulfed in the oh-so-heavenly bar setup. The decorations, customised packages, personalised menus are key elements you must remember while finalising your wedding bar. Most importantly, your venue should have a license to serve hard drinks. In case your venue is not permitted to serve drinks, you will need to acquire a license from the authority. And guess what, we even assist you to acquire that license without any hassle! ShaadiSaga’s Bar Services sort it all for you.

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Disclaimer: “ShaadiSaga does not promote the consumption of alcohol. Bar service and alco-beverages mentioned on the page are provided by licensed vendors, it will not be procured or delivered by ShaadiSaga”.


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