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Here’s What You Can Do With Your Old Bridal Wear: Donate It For A Good Cause!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 13 Oct 2016

It's always a big-fat-Indian wedding for us because the kind of weddings that we have here usually have the reputation of being bigger. And why not? “The bigger the better” is the phrase most of us swear by!

It's true that there’s no limit to how much one can spend on a wedding because any wedding—be it luxurious or a budget, involves a lot of expenditures. And especially our weddings where we have endless ceremonies from mehendi/sangeet and cocktail to D-day and the reception.

However, let's not forget that at the end of the day, it’s a wedding and no matter what, you as a bride-to-be are bound to feel the same amount of happiness and excitement. While some dream to fulfill their dreams, there are some who simply dream to dream. Not everyone can afford to have a lavish wedding; not every girl gets to wear her dream bridal lehenga. Not every girl gets her vanity kit and wedding trousseau.

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But then to fulfill those dreams and put a silver lining on them, Delhi based NGO Goonj decided to deliver ‘Wedding Kits’ to needy families across rural India. The award winning voluntary organisation gathers old bridal dresses from different cities and modifies them by using fancier materials. And a typical 'Wedding Kit' includes outfits for the bride and groom, jewellery, makeup box, cosmetics, bed sheets, a set of utensils and general clothing. Also, along with this, they deliver something called ‘Pandaal Kits’ that has essentials like blankets, utensils and rugs in large quantities. The kits are mostly handed out through the local panchayats.

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