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14 'Here Comes the Bride' Photo Ideas for an Adorable Bridal Entry

Medha Chawla, 14 Mar 2019

Your bridal entry is the moment you had been waiting for all your life! It is THE moment when all eyes turn towards you to admire your bridal beauty and you take away everyone's breath away with sheer gorgeousness. It goes without saying that your entry must be as picturesque as possible. And, that's why we always try to draw your attention towards this moment of your glory. Right from making a unique bridal entry or incorporating a breathtaking phoolon ki chaadar or an eye-catchy umbrella phoolon ki chaadar, you must do whatever best suits your personality to up your bridal entry game. But, if you thought we were done spoiling you with umpteen choices, well, we have a cutesy little addition to make, i.e. 'Here comes the bride' signs.

Before you actually walk the aisle, your little munchkins (nieces and nephews) or your squad can hold quirky placards to proceed your entry. It is one sure shot way to add a pinch of curiosity and amp up your bridal entry. So, here we enlist some lovely 'Here comes the bride' photo ideas to load you with inspiration.

'Here Comes The Bride' Photo Ideas

1. Make your favourite kiddo proceed your entry with this cutesy placard!

2. Quirky signage that's sure to elicit some awwww's

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3. Have your furry buddy hold the signage to make your entry even more adorable.

4. You can even use it as a great photo op with your bridesmaids.

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5. Isn't that floral placard so cute and pretty?

6. Playful words to etch on the 'here comes the bride signage'

7. Do you have a baby brother? Why not let him lead your entry?!

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8. We're gooey-ing over this one!

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9. A signage ain't enough? Have the little munchkins put flowers all the way.

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10. Here comes the trouble..errrr..the bride! :P

11. Have your cousins' clan and siblings lead your walk down the aisle.

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12. Here's some witty inspiration! *groom, it is too late to run*


How do you plan to up your bridal entry? Tell us in the comments.