If words like regal, heavy and ornate describe your dream bridal look, you are definitely in for a treat here. We are all set to woo your hearts with a line-up of some utterly gorgeous heavy kaleeras! The rustling accessories aka kaleeras make for an imperative part of a bride’s overall wedding look in North India. As per the ritual, bridesmaids get kaleeras for the bride and tie them to the bride’s chooda bangles. Being the bride, you better give heads up to your clan and tell them the kind of kaleeras you want for the wedding.

Over the years, kaleeras have had a major makeover. The traditional kaleeras came replete with fox nuts and coconut for the bride to munch on while travelling to her new home post the vidaai! But that’s ancient history now. Today, we have kaleeras with the most modish accents like pom-poms, pearls, seashells, meenakari work, and even personalised charms. If oversized and heavy kaleeras are on your mind, your search for the best designs ends here!

Heavy Kaleere Designs Worn By Real Brides

1. Kajal Aggarwal's OTT Personalised Kaleere

Kajal Aggarwal got her kaleeras customised from Mrinalini Chandra and chose a rather oversized design. The heavy kaleeras perfectly complemented the maximalist vibe of her bridal look. While the classic coconut-shell domes lent a traditional appeal, the customised charms of swans and lovelocks ensured a whiff of modernity.

2. Traditional Yet Contemporary Heavy Kaleere

This pair of oversized kaleere featuring traditional coconut shells and voguish seashells has to be on your inspiration list!

3. Oversized Kaleeras That Will Make Your Jaws Drop

No, heavy kaleeras do not look tacky if you carry and style them well. Here's proof!

4. Classic Tiered Heavy Kaleeras

Channel your inner maharani and flaunt your OTT kaleeras just like this bride!

5. Oversized But Simplistic Golden Kaleeras

Want to keep things simple and traditional but opt for a heavy kaleera design? Take cues from this bride.

6. Heavy Kaleeras With Peacock Charms

We are head over heels in love with this bride's lehengas as well as those customized heavy kaleeras. If you closely,  you will spot peacock charms too.

7. Heavy Kaleera Design With Seashells

Seashell kaleere are truly having a major moment in the wedding scene right now! Take a look at this bride's impressive kaleeras that came replete with some seashells.

8. Pearl-stringed Kaleeras

Here's another bride rocking an endearing pair of heavy kaleeras. We love the pop of magenta and the pearl details!

9. Long Kaleeras For The Win

Want the kaleeras to be noticed well? Opt for a pair with a good length!

10. Heavy Kaleeras Are A Hit Among Sikh Brides

No one loves ornate, oversized or heavy kaleeras as much as Sikh brides, and they never fail to dole out oodles of inspiration.

11. Heavy Kaleeras With Photos of Mom & Dad

How about paying an ode to your parents by having their photos embedded on your kaleeras?

12. Pretty Bridal Kalire With Pompoms

Pompoms instantly infuse a peppy vibe to anything that they are etched to. Even kaleeras, for that matter.

13. Some More Brides Flaunting Their Oversized Kaleeras

Brides, don't forget to click gazllion pictures with your heavy bridal kaleeras just like how these brides did. 

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Final Words

All you need is confidence and the right styling to carry heavy kaleeras well. Otherwise, these oversized beauties might steal the thunder for your bridal look. And you sure don't want that to happen. Fret not, and seek inspiration from the aforementioned brides who showed how to wear heavy kaleeras like a PRO! PS: Don't forget to get some picturesque kaleera shots, cuz you only get to wear them at your own wedding!


Minimal or heavy - what kind of kaleeras will you wear at your wedding?

15+ Heavy Kaleere Designs Worn By Real Brides That You Can't Miss!

by Medha Chawla

15+ Heavy Kaleere Designs Worn By Real Brides That You Can't Miss!