Getting Married? Follow Some Healthy Eating Tips For That Perfect Glow

Rashmi Jayara, 11 Dec 2019

Planning a wedding can be hectic. Be it deciding the venue, finalising the decor and choosing the best bridal outfit, managing all the things can put any girl in stress. Even under a lot of pressure, the bride has to maintain the bridal glow. But using only makeup will help you to look better for a short period of time. It’s really important to stay healthy and fit while managing all the stress. Eating healthy food will not only keep you fit but will maintain the glow of your face. 

So while you prep-up for your big day, make sure to say bye-bye to all the unhealthy junk food. Here are some changes you need to make in your diet plan. Follow these tips for eating healthy food and be the most glowing bride ever!

Healthy Eating Tips For All The Brides-to-be

1.  Lots of water

Water cleanses your body from inside. It removes all the marks from your face and makes your skin bouncy. Aim for drinking at least 3 litres of water daily. 

2. Add veggies in your diet

One thing that our moms keep on saying—“beta, sabziya kha liya karo”. Include as many vegetables as you can. Even eating raw veggies can help you stay healthy and will benefit your skin. You can also try vegetable juices for clear skin.

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3. Consume green tea

Drinking green tea on a regular basis will help you to boost your metabolism. And not only this, but it also helps in skin rejuvenation. Say bye-bye to acne by adding green tea in your routine. 

4. Love Chocolates

In this time of stress, we all deserve some chocolate. Eat dark chocolates with high cocoa content which are nutritious for your body. Not only it will give comfort to your soul but will also improve the functioning of your brain. 

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5. Say yes to Eggs

We all know how beneficial an egg is for our body. Not only it keeps us healthy but also strengthens our hair. Including eggs in your diet will also help you in maintaining the bridal glow. 

6. Avoid caffeine 

Drinking coffee/tea definitely makes our soul happy, but drinking too much can result in dehydration. And lack of hydration will make you look dull. So avoid consuming drinks with caffeine in it and drink more fresh juices 

7. More and more fruits

It will reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Fruits contain potassium, dietary fibre, vitamins and folate. Start your morning with fresh fruit salad or juices. The best thing about fruits is that it will fill your stomach with fewer calories. 


So brides, if you were looking for any sign to start a healthy diet, THIS IS IT! In the struggle of looking fine and thin, don’t starve yourself. Stay healthy by eliminating unhealthy food and following these tips. 


What do you do to stay healthy? Share your secret with us!