“He cares for me like my father does. Isn’t that the dream?” – Real Wedding Story of Krity and Ishan!

Neha Garg, 22 Oct 2015

Love is many things. It’s chuckles, the smell of roses, sunrise, and sunsets. At the same time, it is thorns, darkness, solitude, and melancholy. Love that surpasses all is the kind we strive for, and can’t get enough of. So, when we got in touch with businesswoman Krity Khullar and heard her love story, we wanted to feature it right away! Krity and Ishan are one glamorous couple who’ve witnessed their share of turbulences, and we couldn’t be happier seeing them tie the knot in holy matrimony, after all. But first, the deets on their tale! Read, read! The story, is quite a filmy one though (laughs). We both studied in the same college (IILM Lodhi Road), , one day, Ishan proposed to me, and I told my parents right away! It is only after seeking their permission that we started dating. Our courtship lasted for four eventful years, but for two years after that, we didn’t meet. Reason? We were waiting for Ishan's elder brother to get married first. It was a tough time for both of us, and once his elder brother’s marriage was fixed, only then did we proceed with our Roka ceremony too. We got engaged soon after, and I can now say that it was well worth the wait.

Chudha Ceremony

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Awh! Don’t you just love it when two people beat all odds just to be with each other? We’re pretty sure their proposal story is an intriguing one. Let’s find out, shall we? Haha, I and Ishan were in the same college, which enabled us to hang out more often for the course work and projects. One day, while chatting on BBM, he just said to me that he has been searching for his angel. I asked him,“how do you want your angel to be? He simply said, when I closed my eyes,“I saw you”. After listening to this, I was shocked and happy, both! My parents are very strict, which made it really difficult for me to hang out with him. We didn’t even exchange numbers for long. It was just BBM at that time, and so, you could say that I was proposed to on my Blackberry, haha!

Cocktail Party

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Now that’s what you call a cutting-edge love story, eh? Krity can’t stop gushing over everything Ishan does, which made us want to ask her about that one thing that made her fall in love with him instantly: Firstly, I couldn't believe that someone who is younger to me would ever propose to me! So, it was a happy shock. And if I have to say one thing, then, it’s his cuteness that made me fall for him. 

Engagement Day

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Mehendi Ceremony

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Krity's thoughts on Surpreet and Pawan, the photographer from Coolbluez Photography: She’s truly amazing! A very nice and humble woman with such nice gestures. It’s always fun being with her.

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We hope Ishan made her feel better instantly! Krity is overwhelmed with the love from her husband, and it showed when we asked her to speak a few words about him. *grabs tissues to wipe happy tears off face* Where do I begin? He is the cutest and the most charming person I’ve come across my life. He always treats me like his kid, and takes care of me like my father does. Isn’t that the dream? There hasn’t been a single instance when he made me feel lonely. I feel lucky to be by his side, as with him, I believe there’s no hurdle I couldn’t cross in life.

From This Day On I Am All Yours!


Krity on her Makeup Artist, Komal Gulati: Komal did all my makeup for the processions. I think, she is one of the finest makeup artists I’ve ever seen. I’d recommend her to everyone!

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Surpreet and Pawan, The Photographer on the Gorgeous Couple:  Ishan & Krity are one of our very special couples. The way they made us feel at home, everywhere, was overwhelming. We loved all the time spent there and it was extremely easy to work with them as they were also involved with us in all the shoots, whether it was a pre wedding shoot or the wedding events. Wishing them loads of love & smiles for their future.

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Krity and Ishan’s wedding burgeoned with memorable instances. But, what’s that Kodak moment that stayed with them? Sitting in the car with my husband, and leaving my parents behind when they have been the only ones I’ve travelled with throughout my life is something I can never forget. That, for me, was simply the most remarkable moment at the wedding.

DSC_1612     2B4B8325

Krity and Ishan’s larger-than-life outfits were where every pair of eyes were at the wedding! While Krity wore an outfit by Anamika Khanna, her jewelry was from Chawla Jewellers, and footwear was from Fendi. Ishan’s outfit, on the other hand was from Diwan Sahib. Ugh, someone turn the heat down!

Honeymoon Destinations: Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore!

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Lastly, we asked Krity if she’d like to thank anyone. Needless to say, she was all smiles and has the following message to her loved ones: Oh, so many people to thank! Mumma and papa, for making my wedding, look no less than a dream! Ishan, for being the best husband. Mrs. Surpreet and Mr. Pawan, for making me and Ishan look amazing on the screen!  Mrs. Komal Gulati, for making me look glamorous at all the functions.


Photographer: CoolBluez

Makeup Artist: Komal Gulati

Bride's Outfit: Anamika Khanna

Groom's Outfit: Diwan Sahib

Jewelry: Chawla Jewelers

Shaadisaga wishes the newly-married couple a lifetime of adventures and happiness together!