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Hazel Reveals Her 'Solo Trip' Surprise That Yuvraj Planned For Her Before The Wedding!

ShaadiSaga, 29 Nov 2016

What do you think when someone says that they're having a bachelorette party? The drunk bride tribe going wild for the last time before one of them gets hitched? But well, here's Hazel Keech who broke all the notions of the "typical bachelorette party" and went on a SOLO trip before her big fat Punjabi wedding!

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When we spoke to Hazel about her wedding planning, she revealed, "I never really had the time for a proper bachelorette party. Since it's already a ten day event, my friends would have been confused whether to come for the wedding or just bachelorette party here!"

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She also added, "However, I did have a pre-wedding surf week. Yuvi had sent me to Pondicherry in the middle of all the wedding chaos and mess because he knows how much I love to surf".  Amidst the mind-numbing wedding planning that started 2 months ago, Yuvraj had put his foot down a week ago and asked Hazel to chill out for a while as she was going crazy about the wedding! Isn't Yuvi already the sweetest husband? 

And wait a minute guys, if you think that's the only thing Yuvraj did to unwind Hazel, he also planned another surprise!! Hazel added, "He surprised me by sending Bruna Abdullah as she's one of my closest friends! He knew I didn't have time for a proper bachelorette, everyone was so busy plus my family is also away. All my friends are also in different cities, therefore, it was an emotional moment for me".

So, all you brides-to-be, just relax if you can't have a bachelorette party. Send this to your fiancé so that they learn a lesson from our hero—Yuvi!

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