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35+ Haldi Ceremony Photos that Prove it is the Most Gleeful of All!

Divya Arora, 19 Dec 2018

Being the life of the entire wedding festivity, 'Haldi' is zesty and playful of all the wedding ceremonies. Haldi ceremonies are no more only about the ritualistic application of haldi to the bride and groom but, it has amplified into being a fun-filled party in itself. From water showers to color and flower holi being incorporated, haldi has become one super essential and unskippable function that couples and their fams just can't do without.

What began as an auspicious ritual is now one of the most happening ways of celebrating the love and happiness of a wedding. Capturing the unbound love and pure joy of a haldi are these photos exuding the true esssence of this ceremony. Just like fun jaimala photos and soul-stirring sindoor moments, these merry haldi photos overflowing with happiness are sure to melt your heart and engulf you in a wave of emotions. Scroll down below for a heartwarming roller coaster.

Photos that Captured the Truest Essence of a Haldi Ceremony

Fun and mushy couple shots spilling love that knows no bounds.

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Because flower showers are a mandatory and absolute fun.

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Such a cute picture and an even cuter kiddy!


And why shouldn't your doggos have the haldi fun? Also, photos with pets are the best!

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And boy, what a happy picture while performing those haldi rituals!


The charm of closeup happy haldi shots is undeniable and simply heart melting.

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The one with the darling mommies and the truest of emotions!

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A bewitching shot capturing the haldi ritual perfectly.


How much yellow is too much yellow?

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A jazzy colorful couple entry before the haldi riot begins!


Water, colored water, alchohol—spill and splash whatever you get your hands on!

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The perfect edgy and dramatic haldi hands photos summing up the ritual in a frame!


Caught candidly amidst all the hearty laughter and fun.

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Aren't these happy haldi photos to die for?