The one thing that has taken a toll on everybody’s mental health is the existence of COVID-19. Whether one is COVID positive, their loved ones are or they’re absolutely safe and sound, everyone is facing some level of stress which eventually leads to their mental health getting suffered. And, if this time is stressful for people who are simply trying to get on with their lives, it is an even more difficult time for brides-to-be to plan their wedding for one too many reasons. However, we at ShaadiSaga are strong believers in having the right frame of mind and trying to stay positive and optimistic, so we have come up with a guide that should help all you to-be brides and grooms keep your mental health in place while planning your big day. Scroll below to find our suggestions! 

Guide On Mental Health While Planning Your Intimate Wedding 

1. Find A Hobby

Ladies, we know that planning a wedding is a lot of work especially now when we don’t know what can happen the next day let alone next month. However, the freer you stay, the more negative thoughts you’ll get. We recommend that you find a hobby that can help you get distracted from all the negativity and help you grow. This can be anything from taking online cooking classes to learning how to perfect smokey eye makeup. These activities or hobbies will come in handy for you all! 

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2. Get On That Yoga Mat

It is a known fact that exercising helps your body and mind feel better and lighter. Take on an abs challenge for a few days or go for a summer sculpt boot camp. Not only will your body get in shape (who doesn’t want that before the big day!) but you’ll end up feeling a lot better after each workout session! 

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3. Show Some Love to Your Nearest & Dearest Ones

Once you tie the knot, your life will change, and one major change would be that you won’t be that available for your friends or family like you are right now, at least in the initial months. So, it is a great time to pick up the phone or plan fun zoom parties with your friends and family to connect with them on a deeper level. Not only will you feel happy and peppy but you’ll be strengthening your bond like never before! 

4. Make Things Interesting Before The Big Day

Your wedding day is going to come soon and another great way to keep your mental health in place is by planning surprise dates, doing grand gestures or coming up with fun ways to make your other half feel special before the big day. They won’t be expecting anything during this time so by you doing something, you’ll be bringing immense happiness to their life too! 

5. Staying Optimistic For The Future

Ladies, you’ve gotta remember that this time too will pass. Just because the situation is bad right now does not mean that it will be like that forever. So, we recommend that you stay optimistic and plan things for the future. This can be anything from travelling someday to set up that business that you always wanted to. Make a bucket list of things you always wanted to do and start planning things on how you can complete the list. This activity will help you feel better and look forward to better days!

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If you have tips on how can a to-be bride feel better during this time, head to our Instagram page and share your suggestions with us!

How to Keep Your Mental Health In Place While Planning A Wedding during COVID-19

by Shweghna Gursahaney

How to Keep Your Mental Health In Place While Planning A Wedding during COVID-19