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30+ Groom Outfit Photo Ideas That Are Fun & Quirky To Add in Your Wedding Album

Chinar Ghorawat, 31 Aug 2020

Bride and Groom Outfit photos make for the quirkiest addition to a wedding album. While we see the brides' outfit being shown off a little more than the grooms we thought to inspire the grooms out there with coolest photo ideas to show their wedding outfit in a style. Wedding albums are hands down the most treasured memory of a wedding. From giving people an insight into how fun it was, to allowing the close friends and family to cherish the moments forever, it is the most awaited after the wedding. But the bit of it that brides and grooms especially enjoy their photoshoot is while they are getting ready for the big day. 

From hair and makeup to jewellery and draping, brides have a long list of things they wish to cover. However, for the groom, the list is rather limited and therefore quirky and fun ideas make for a good wedding album. That's why we’ve put together some of the best ideas on groom outfit photos to help them prepare for their shoot. So, grooms who are falling short of Groom outfit photo ideas for inspiration, you’ve reached the right place!

Best Groom Outfit Photo Ideas To Include in Wedding Album

Groom Outfit Photo Ideas Using Bed as the Perfect Prop

We love how this groom is chilling and sipping beer while his beautiful black sherwani is hung on the wall as the backdrop to the picture.
Shot by CoolBluez photography, Delhi
The dramatic pose with the groom lying on the bed taking a nap right beside his sherwani and maybe dreaming of what the future holds is cute.
Shot by CineLove Productions by Luxmi Studio, Delhi
Bookmark this romantic photo idea with the bride and groom kissing on the bed with their outfits hanging on the headboard.
Shot by Weddings By Knotty Days, Delhi
This groom is meditating on his bed to stay calm with his sherwani hanging on the wall behind him is #groomoutfit goals.
Shot by CoolBluez photography, Delhi
The cool photo idea where the groom is doing yoga on the bed with his sunglasses on and the sherwani proves to be the perfect backdrop.
Shot by Wedding Twinkles, Delhi
This one with an overexcited groom who just got up for his big day next to his neatly placed sherwani is adorable.
Shot by ShutterDown, Gurgaon

Fun Photo Ideas on How to Make Hanging Sherwani Look Good

Next up is a photo idea where his pastel hanging sherwani looks so beautiful with intricate details.
Source Pawan Gupta Productions
Get a photoshoot like this where the car is used as the prop in the background holding the Groom’s outfit while the groom poses like he’s looking away in the front.
Shot by Sunny Dhiman Photography, Chandigarh
We loved this idea where groom’s outfit is hung in between a floral installation as a decorative item that looks like a garland.
Shot by Sunny Dhiman Photography, Chandigarh
Or, this one where the architectural beauty of the room shadows the sherwani to make it look even more dramatic with the perfect sunlight capturing the moment.
The one against a yellow wall with a cutie patootie posing right by it with an expression of surprise.
Shot by Memoire by Sathish Jayabalan, Bangalore
Groom flexing his muscles right in front of his wedding outfit is dapper.
Shot by Dhanika Choksi Photography, Delhi
How cute is this groom day-dreaming of his happily ever after while his sherwani is hanging on the wall behind him.
Shot by ShutterDown, Gurgaon
Hanging your sherwani on a tree? Yes! Take some inspiration from this unique photo idea and let your wedding outfit slay!
Shot by Sunny Dhiman Photography, Chandigarh
The one where a red sherwani is perfectly placed against a yellow wall to create a beautiful contrast.
Shot by Shutterink Photography, Delhi
This groom sherwani placed at the poolside with the groom chilling in his bathrobe posing right beside it.
Shot by Sunny Dhiman Photography, Chandigarh
We are swooning over this beautiful shot that focuses on the details of the sherwani with a zoomed-in picture of it hanging from the tree.
Shot by ShutterDown, Gurgaon
This one-shot from a window with the groom’s sherwani hanging on a half created a dome-shaped structure for the wedding decorations.
Shot by Vipul Sharma Photography , Chandigarh

Groom’s Outfit Photo Ideas with Bathtub as a Prop

This groom chilling with a glass of wine in the bathtub while his sherwani is perfectly placed on a stand.
Shot by Shutterink Photography, Delhi
The one where the groom looks like he’s regretting the idea of getting ready for the big celebration while his sherwani is hanging over the bathtub.
Shot by Weddings By Knotty Days, Delhi

Photo Ideas With the Groom Holding His Outfit

The one with a perfectionist groom checking out his sherwani before the rituals to make sure all is well.
Shot by ShutterDown, Gurgaon
The one with a palatial backdrop and the groom posing on the staircase holding his blazer.
Source Weva Photography
The one-shot in transit when the groom carried his sherwani to get ready for his wedding.
Shot by Wedding Twinkles, Delhi
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Outfit Photo Ideas with Groom’s Checking Out Their Sherwani

Another outfit photo idea shot in transit when the groom enters the room to check in on his sherwani.
Shot by WeddingNama, Mumbai
We spotted this groom sitting on the sofa and we are in awe of his sherwani hanging on the window.
Shot by Wedding Twinkles, Delhi
This groom outfit photo idea in black and white where the groom is all set to put his sherwani on is perfect.
Shot by ShutterDown, Gurgaon

The Ones with Groom’s Outfit Making For the Perfect Backdrop

This groom is chilling in his room having hookah while his sherwani is used as a hazy backdrop adding to the mood.
Shot by Wedding Twinkles, Delhi
The one with the groom’s outfit placed as a backdrop at the poolside while the groom is unwinding in the pool.
Shot by Sunny Dhiman Photography, Chandigarh
The one with a happy groom posing right in front of his hanging sherwani while the groomsmen complete the picture with a hazy side profile.
Shot by CoolBluez photography, Delhi

Photo Ideas if You Want to Include Your Bride’s Outfit Too

The one with a traditional royal backdrop of a Haveli and the bride and groom’s outfit hung on its big dramatic door.
Shot by Nitin Arora Photography, Gurgaon
A perfect groom outfit photoshoot in a windy balcony where the bride and groom’s outfits are hung beside one another on a wall.
Source Weva Photography
The one with both bride and groom’s outfits shot against a brick wall with the bride's dupatta attached to the arm of the groom’s sherwani to make it a little dramatic.
Shot by The Wedding Salad, Mumbai

Final Words From ShaadiSaga

So what do you think of this fun and quirky groom’s outfit photo ideas? Well, we are sure these are enough to give you an idea of how you want your wedding outfit photos to be. All you have to do is pick an idea that you like and the one that's closest to your surrounding and let your wedding photographer do the magic.

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Did this help you to get unique ideas for your groom wedding outfit photos? Tell us in the comments which idea did you like the most.