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From Quaint Dinner Dates to a Lifetime of Happiness: A Peek at Purva and Sahil’s Engagement Ceremony

Neha Garg, 21 Aug 2015

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a couple who is madly in love, turn it into something more. Meet Purva Kapoor, event manager and the stunning bride-to-be, who is due to wed her beloved Sahil Mehra, a real estate and construction entrepreneur. When you see some love stories, you can’t help but marvel, how easy it is to fall in love and make it work despite the many challenges that life may throw in your way.  When we look at Purva and Sahil, we just know that they were made for each other, don’t you? Let’s hear the interesting bits of their tale from Purva, and fall in love with love, all over again.

Purva (22)

Their love story is every bit of “aww-worthy”. Read up in the words of Purva herself:

Ours is a love marriage. We’ve known each other for over 5 years through common friends, but on one odd day, we started talking over Facebook. And, then, from talking occasionally, we ended up talking each day! It was about time, we exchanged numbers. Next up was a date when one day, we decided to meet each other over dinner. We met a few times, but it was still a little early for me, you know. Upon insistence from a friend, I even invited him to my birthday party. It took him quite some time to confess his feelings for me. And, once he did, everything turned into a roller-coaster ride thereafter. It’s still a little hard to digest that it all happened within a year; from randomly talking to now being engaged, it is all so amazing with God’s grace.

Purva (1)      Purva (4)

Purva (31)      Purva (10) 

Purva (45)      Purva (33)

Purva (9)      Purva (47)

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IMG_1064      Purva (39)

Morvi, The Photographer on the Couple, Purva and Sahil I have known Purva for some time now. We keep meeting at weddings as she is one of the partners for Red Velvet Events. Being in the same industry Purva understands our work culture. She trusted me blindly and didn't interfere with the process. Which in turns allows me to do my best work. Also, she is extremely pretty, patient and kind. That just adds so much to the pictures. Morvi Images wishes Purva and Sahil lots of beautiful days in the coming future.

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Purva (43)


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We were eager to know how Sahil proposed to Purva. She replied:

It was just a random dinner date. We went to Setz, and that's where he asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him.

Purva (26)  Purva (25)

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From flowers to feathers, everything looked 'Just-Fairy' in white and purple theme!

Purva's engagement pictures look simply breath-taking, isn't it? We asked her opinion on the photographer, Morvi. Needless to say, Purva was all smiles. Here’s what she says about Morvi: The first time I met her was at an event. She is one person who actually loves her work, and is really all over the event, gathering special moments for people in her own creative way. Now, after being in touch for a while, I can truly say that the woman is fun and an amazing person to be around with.

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Isn’t that the dream! Purva’s love for Sahil is definitely something every man longs for. Upon asking if she’d like to say a few words to him via Shaadisaga, she responded:

Sahil is a very genuine person. He’s super supportive, and I know I can rely on him for everything. He’s so fun-loving, and totally enjoys life while living it to the fullest. There’s not a single thing I’d like to change about him; I love him for what he is, and he loves me for what I am. Isn’t it great to have that one person in your life you can always be yourself with? IMG_0871  IMG_1070

Purva (29)  Purva (28)

IMG_1072  Purva (15)

IMG_1064  Purva (41)

We further asked her about a moment that still brings a smile on her face:

Gosh! There are many such moments that I can think of! One particular moment stands out though. It was that one time when I was holidaying in Goa, and Sahil showed up out of nowhere, taking me by surprise. I’d never forget that moment for it was truly an instance. I will cherish for the rest of my life!

Purva (6)

Finally, we asked Purva if she wanted to thank anyone. Her reply makes us so happy: I want to thank each and everyone who made our day special! It wouldn’t have been possible without my family, especially Harkrishan Singh and Nishchay Gandhi who took care of the entire decoration. Also, a huge thanks to our photographer Morvi, who captured all the crazy moments in such style.

Photographer: Morvi Images

Engagement Outfit: Sabyasachi

Engagement Venue: The Oberoi’s, Gurgaon

Shaadisaga raises a toast to love and laughter for Purva and Sahil. Many Congratulations!

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