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35+ Beautiful Flower Shower Photos you just Can't Give a Miss!

Anupriya Khanna, 20 Jan 2019

Your wedding photos are your most prized possessions and they deserve to be the best, without a compromise. Right from your fun Haldi ceremony, the love-filled Jaimala time to the emotional sindoor application moment, great photos of your wedding is what takes you back that sweet memory even years after. Which is why you should pay keen attention to every little and big detail that goes into beautifying your wedding photos. 

And one such hep way to amp up your wedding photos by multi folds is by infusing the magic of flower showers to it. They not only give your wedding photos a joyous feel but also add all sorts of vivacity to your oh-so-boring wedding rituals. 

What's even more special about flower showers is that they manage to get the bride and groom at their candid best while they're posing in front of the camera. And this further results in good Wedding Pictures! So, we suggest that you make the most of this unique trend and to fill you up with ideas we've curated a quick 'photo inspiration album'.

Drive through these beautiful flower shower photos and bookmark the ones you love!

Flower Shower Photos that are a Must Have in your Wedding Album

When your guests shower you with some love (and some fresh blooms too!)

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A flower drench works wonders in between those wedding day rituals!

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Happy twirls and beautiful flower showers make great photos!

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Go all filmy!

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While posing around with your girls!

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Why should brides have all the fun?! *wink wink*

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Don't miss out on those mandatory candids!

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And some of the trendiest flower shower shots for your Haldi ceremony!


What photos are you bookmarking for yourself?