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Experts Reveal: Things to keep in mind while Planning a Winter Wedding

Medha Chawla, 17 Oct 2018

Winter wedding season is almost there at the doorstep and boy, it is undeniably one of the best times to get married. Your hair does not get frizzy, makeup doesn’t run with sweat, environs are oh-so-romantic and everything is just so cozy. But hey, even though winter is the perfect season to tie the knot, there are a few inevitables you must keep in mind while planning a winter wedding. You gotta make some wise decisions revolving around the venue, decor, lighting, guests and so many other aspects to ensure that your winter wedding is etched in everyone’s hearts for all right reasons.

To make it easier for you, we got in touch with a few top-notch wedding planners and decorators who shared their expert inputs with us for this blog!

Wedding Planning Tips for Winter Weddings

1. Choose an appropriate venue

Settling on the type of venue for a winter wedding is a big dilemma! Cuz, comfort calls for a banquet whereas luxury demands an open space. But no more fretting about it! Ace planner Shweta Acharya from Baraati Inc. has the perfect solution. She says, "Winter is the perfect time to experiment with your venue. You don’t have to pick between banquet hall and open-air – instead, you can go for both with a combination set-up! That way, when the winter sunlight is being elusive, your guests can head indoors and stay extra cozy with a hot toddy!”

2. Keep the venue warm

If you are allured by the charm of open areas, Mumbai based wedding planners Vows N Bliss suggest a few insightful measures you can take to make the venue cozier. They reveal, “Outdoor terraces with stunning sea or country views can be kept warm by using patio heaters. Likewise, a pool party can be transformed into a winter event by using the aforementioned heaters. When considering outdoor locations, it is essential to have a backup plan as the weather can be unpredictable and unpleasant. It is important to ensure that the indoor area must also be large enough to comfortably fit all guests.”

Known to pull off brilliant weddings, top-notch event designer and planner Shyamalee Thevar says, "Try and have your daytime events in outdoor environments and the evening indoors. In case there is a reception event happening outdoors use heaters especially near the seating area for guests convenience and also on the stage for the main couple to feel comfortable while they stand there for a long period of time."

3. Keep your guests warm

The boss lady of premium event design and management company, Shyamalee Thevar advises, "Try having live food counters as hot food straight from the counter is always a sure hit than the buffet system. Try to have a 24/7 tea coffee counter for the guests' convenience - something hot to go for them at all times. Also, have more warm hot snacks as pass-around that guests can nibble on."

She further adds, "In case of a destination wedding, always have a heater facility for the guests' room that will allow them to stay warm. Tell the hotel management to keep extra essentials like extra blankets, water kettles and other such similar facilities that will keep the guest feel comfortable in the room. Your room hampers can be customized accordingly as well - snacks and nibbles, drinks and giveaways that can add to the comfort factor."

4. Lighting is the key

To avoid a dark and gloomy venue, it is important to use lots of different lighting throughout your wedding day. Vows N Bliss has some great piece of advice on how to make perfect use of lighting to pull off an unforgettable winter wedding. “Get creative and use a mixture of candlesticks, pillar candles, chandeliers, dreamy fairy lights, and Edison bulbs. It will create a warm and cosy glow while making sure your venue looks welcoming as the night draws in.”

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5. Have a complete winter food menu

Considering the variety of food served at Indian weddings, they can also be termed as opulent food fests. But a winter wedding demands extra attention when it comes to the food and menu.

The highly experienced and noted wedding planners, Vows N Bliss suggest, “In chilly winters, as guests are done posing for their pictures, they need some nice comfort food to feel themselves again. A hot Kulhad of Rabdi or a smoking cup of soup better should be omnipresent in the wedding venue. Some savoury food like Pakodas, Cheese Balls, Pizza, Pasta will spice up the evening. Make sure your guests are able to satisfy their sweet tooth after all those savoury foods. And a winter wedding reaps the benefits of pleasing the crowd with rich sweets like Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, choco lava cakes, puddings etc.”

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6. Make the best use of flowers in decoration

Winter is the time to make the most out of flowers for decoration. Expert Shyamalee Thevar shares, "Winter is a season where you get some of the best flowers - both Indian and exotic. They also stay fresh for a prolonged time, given the weather conditions. Hence, make a good use of the same and have a beautiful, elegant looking wedding to yourselves. Also, beware of moisture - any overnight setup being done outdoors needs to be carefully covered so that they don’t get wet and spoil the event - especially when it comes to seating and linen."

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7. Winter styling for the couples

Being the bride and groom, you are most likely to get under weather and this might even spoil your honeymoon if it is lined up soon after the wedding. Shyamalee advises the couples to cover themselves as much as possible. "For the sake of getting good pictures, you might go for a different thought process towards it - in that case, keep an elegant shawl handy - something that you can drape around and will blend with your look. Always have heaters and warmers around you’ll as much as possible - as the couple is the ones who are present for nearly a period of 8-12 hours at the venue."

While grooms can warm themselves with thermals and warmers, brides can get their lehengas made in thick fabrics like velvet or silk fabric as they also lend a royal look and feel to the outfit. Brides can further wear a pair of warmer tights underneath the lehenga and opt for a double dupatta—one wrapped fully across the chest and the other over the head to stay warm.

8. Book the vendors in advance

We absolutely second Vows N Bliss for this point. They say, "Winter is the peak wedding season which means all the wedding vendors will demand exorbitantly high prices. Hence, start your wedding planning in advance and book all the vendors ASAP."

So, Book Your Vendors Now!


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