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Every Single Mehndi Favour Idea Out There That Your Guests Will Actually Use!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 05 Apr 2017

Did you know that giving out colourful bangles is not the only option you have? YES! Mehendi favours have gotten funky, and the list these days is endless. From gota maang tikkas to embellished headbands, and pocket squares for the boys - you can find an exciting favour your guests will not just chuck in their cupboards never to use again. We've put together a list of every single mehndi favour idea that exists for Indian weddings (that our team agreed were genuinely useful) so all you need to do is take your pick. :)

1. Gota Jewellery

Gota jewellery tops our list when it comes to mehndi favours. Be it rings, bangles, maang tikkas, we just cannot imagine a mehndi ceremony without these beauties!

2. Potli Bags

You can always give away bright coloured Potli bags to your guests as mehndi favours and they will be more than happy to take them home!

Source Pinterest

3. Edible Chocolate Soil

Who doesn't love chocolate? And especially if it's chocolate soil! They also come in diverse flavours.

4. Pocket Squares For Guys & Tassel Earrings For Girls!

Boys VS girls? No problem. Just hand pocket squares to guys and tassel earrings with bracelets to girls and sab khush! :)

5. Bird Cages

Consider these adorable colourful bird cages as fabulous mehndi favours that are perfect home decor items!

Source Chumbak

6. Potted Planters

Let the guests take one home and watch love grow.

7. Flower & Plant Seeds

Encourage guests to go green and give away these plant and flower seeds as mehndi favours.

8. Mirror Jewellery Boxes

You can stuff cute accessories and even chocolates in these mini Rajasthani mirror work jewellery boxes.

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9. Pocket Mirrors

Cute, compact and colourful. Precisely what every guests need for as mehndi favours!   

10. Mini Elephant Toys

Who doesn't like cute elephants? These elephant toys make for good keepsakes.

11. Bangles

The best and also the most preferred mehndi favours - we have got bangles of every colour for you!

12. Nail Paint Set

Who doesn't love colours? A dash of pop and we are set! 

Source Sephora

13. Glam Kit

Because makeup is every girl's best friend!

Source Nykaa

14. Scarfs/ Shawls/ Stoles

These not only look festive but are so damn pretty!  

15. Bandhani/ Bandhej Dupattas

Bandhani dupattas = the inevitable mehndi favour! Definitely, a must! 

Source Pinterest

16. Quirky Earrings

These are something that we are sure every girl out there is going to LOVE (like is an understatement, yaar!)

17. Maang Tikka

Maybe a pretty one like this? :) 

18. Lipstick Holder Case

Easy to carry and very useful. 

Source Amazon

19. Tealight Holders

These are not just pretty but also serves as a very useful favour. Brownie points to those who love decorating their houses!

20. Clutches

These Rajasthani traditonal clutches come in assorted colours and act as great favours for mehndi. Just let your guests pick their favourite shade! 

21. Haathphool

Quite a trend these days! So why not as a mehndi favour?

22. Kadas

We are already in love with these cute ghungroo kadas!!!   

Which of these mehndi favour ideas did you like the most? Do share with us in the comments below!