Every person has a dream wedding planned in their heads. And for some, it's the presence of all elements glittery and embellished. In case embellished blouses, embellished sarees and over the top decor isn't enough for your perfect dream wedding, then an embellished cake is bound to bring all your wedding dreams full circle!

Due to weddings being more close-knit, we're sure a lot of couples must have decided to skip the part about having a cake. But we strongly advise you all to have cakes and confections at your intimate wedding. After all, an intimate wedding allows your guests to actually enjoy everything that's on the menu, including delicious sweet confections like cakes. Now, you've already seen small and whimsical cakes that are ideal for an intimate wedding, but it's time to make way for something that'll definitely light up your wedding with it's sequined charms.

Presenting to you, the blingiest edible embellished cakes that are not only too pretty to eat but also too hard to give a miss! 


Embellished Cakes That Are Perfect For Your Wedding

For Those Who Can't Get Enough Of Sequins

Sequins embellished cakes are probably your go-to confections for a wedding where you wish to have all things glittering and spectacular. In fact, even if you're not going in for that OTT vibe, you could always add a sequin cake for some extra bling!

Embellished Geode Cakes Are The True Showstoppers

Geode cakes are one of the most popular wedding cake designs to emerge in the last few years. The cakes mimic the natural rock structure's crystals with colourful rock candy jutting out of carvings within the cake. Despite their elaborate look, these cakes are delicious and make for beautiful additions to any wedding.

A Bejwelled Cake For All Those Who Love Glistening Gems

If you're into something sophisticated and well put together, then something like this white tiered cake with edible jewel embellishments might just be perfect!

Who Doesn't Love Pearls?

Pearls not only make for amazing jewellery for brides, but edible pearls are probably the most elegant embellishment you could add to your wedding cakes.

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Recreate Your Fairytale With A Pretty Cake With A Bow On Top 

Edible lace has always been an intricate part of cake decorating. And yet, now it has become a massive trend. So, if you're looking for that ideal fairytale cake, then a cake with lace embellishments and a pretty bow on top is ideal for you.

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Or How About A Unique Seashell Embellished Cake?

Ah, seashells, who doesn't love seashells? From seashell kaleeras to outfits bejewelled with seashells, and now your wedding cake, there's isn't much that seashells and pearls can't make pretty!

Cakes With Gold Drips Are Downright Stunning

Chocolate drip cakes create such a fun and impressive look, it’s no wonder they’ve become so popular. And when the dripping is gold, the whole look is taken up a notch!

This Black & White Cake With Specs Oh Gold Has Our Hearts!

Planning for a bold looking cake? Then going in for something black and white with gold embellishments isn't a bad idea at all!


Just lookin' at these cakes has us drooling. Don't forget to bookmark your favourites!

Embellished Cake Ideas That Can Light Up Your Wedding Ceremony!

by Shivani Singh

Embellished Cake Ideas That Can Light Up Your Wedding Ceremony!