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8 Décor Ideas That Are So Pretty, You Won’t Believe They’re From An Eco-Friendly Wedding!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 07 Feb 2017

We have just spilled the beans on how to throw that perfect eco-friendly wedding. Well, we dug up even more and realised that one can do SO MUCH for an eco-friendly décor. There’s no dearth of options and this post talks about all the things one can do for an eco-friendly décor.

→ A Phoolon ki Chaadar without ‘phool’. Have it with ferns and leaves or maybe with minimal flowers like these brides did.

Image Credits: Lakshya Chawla (L); The Wedding Crasher (R) 

→ Keep centerpieces made of wooden tree trunks, some candles along with glass jars filled with either lemongrass basil, mint leaves or chives and your table centerpiece décor is ready!

Image Credits: With Love Nilma

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→ Get burlap runners wrapped with jute rope for the table décor and add a touch of rosemary and lavender for a nice display. 

Image Credits: With Love Nilma

→ Using whatever is available at the space and creating the décor. If the venue has a huge tree (see picture for ref) that can always be used as a backdrop for a mandap instead of creating a whole new structure.

 Image Credits: With Love Nilma (L); Vrutika Doshi Photography (R)

→ You can have handwritten chalkboards, handmade planters, a ladder with all the photographs of the family at the entrance for display.

Image Credits: With Love Nilma

→ You can keep a ball of jute hanging from a tree along with tiny white buckets carrying mint and basil leaves for display.

Image Credits: With Love Nilma

→ Replace flowers with creepers, herbs, ferns and succulents.

Image Credits: With Love Nilma

→ A leafy stage backdrop for all the pretty pictures.

Image Credits: Photo Buddies

Featured Image Credits: With Love Nilma

Do you have any more eco-friendly decor ideas? Share with us in the comments below!