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Decor Ideas : 18 Pretty Ways To Use Genda Phool On Your Mehendi!

Neha Garg, 18 Oct 2016

Can you guess which is the most effortless yet effective way of bringing a dash of colours and liveliness to the decor on your mehendi? Yes, you got it right, flowers! Oh-so-pretty and bright flowers in every shape and size! And to top it all, how one can never go wrong with marigold aka genda phool? Humming sasural genda phool song, already?

Well, not so long ago, I realised that it doesn’t matter how much we love pom-pom for the decor or those rustic decorative pieces or in fact even those fancy props; marigolds will always be the number one preference when it comes to decorating the venue for our daytime functions. They definitely have the magic to make the venue a lot more vibrant! I love how strikingly beautiful they make the entrance, back drop, centre pieces, decor hangings look. Another reason to love them is because they are easily available plus not so expensive and you can also go DIY!

And to help you a little, here we are to give you 18 easy, fun and creative ideas to use marigold (genda phool) for your mehendi function:

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Table Centerpieces

Image CourtesyBhumi & Simran Photography (Left); Devika Narain (Right)


Image Courtesy: The Story Weavers

The Props


Image CourtesyVPlan Unlimited

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Image Courtesy: Abhinav_art


Image Courtesy: Weddarazzi_films


 Image CourtesyBougainvilla Design


Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

The Rides


Image Courtesy: Colorblind Production

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Image Courtesy:  The Wedding Designers


Image Courtesy: Rani Pink


Image Courtesy: Vintage Nutters

The Decor Hangings


Image CourtesyWith Love Nilma


Image Courtesy The Wedding Designers


 Image CourtesyDevika Narain


Image Courtesy: ShaadiPlanners


Image CourtesyWith Love Nilma

Featured Image Courtesy: Tarun Chawla Photography

Got more marigold decor ideas? Tell us in the comments below!