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Having a Beach-side Wedding? Don't forget these Cutesy & Needful Favors

Divya Arora, 09 Nov 2018

For their vivacity and rejuvenating vibes, beach weddings are our favorite and we know they are yours too. With picturesque oceanic backdrop, clear skies, and cheer all around, of course, they're fun and an absolute chiller. But, with all that merriment also comes along the responsibility of making sure that the common hassles of a beach wedding don't make your guests uncomfortable. All that sand, humidity and sweat are some bloopers that are going to make your time at the beach a tad bit annoying and difficult.

An uber cool way to make sure your guests aren't dreaded by such issues is by keeping favors that would help them enjoy that beach time at your wedding. Quirky products that are cool and could be useful at the same time would make up for perfect wedding favors. Having them displayed in decked up stalls or along with offbeat signages would also make up for great elemental decor. So we're saying, that we've curated a small list of handy and essential favors that you must have for your guests if you're hosting a beach wedding. Believe us your guests are going to love you for them!

Must-have Favors for a Beach-side Wedding

1. Sunglasses

These are simply mandatory. It's a day wedding and well nobody likes sun in their eyes which is why these are a must. And also because posing in 'em glasses would make up for super hep photos.

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2. Slippers or slip-on

Cutsey slip-on or slippers is a mandate for a wedding at the beach. They're comfy and the best option for dancing and frolicking about in all that sand.

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3. Parasols or umbrellas

These make for one of the best fancy props and useful favors. They not only keep you under shade from all that heat but also double up as a quirky decor element. Coordinate those monotone parasols or multi-hued umbrellas with your decor to keep up with the theme of the wedding.

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4. Hats

Hats are a fun and quirky element that you can keep as takeaways for your guests. They are a perfect addition to the beachy vibes and makes up for a pretty offbeat wedding favor.

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5. Pocket Perfumes

A wedding out in the sun means sweat and what better way to tackle the smell and feel fresh than have handy pocket perfumes available to be used?!

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6. Hand Towels

For when people want to dry up after enjoying in those scintillating waters.

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7. Sanitizers

 Of course, being on a beach means a lot of playing and frisking around in the sand and sanitizers make for a cute favor as well as a useful hygiene product!

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8. Quirky and offbeat fun props

Having props like brushes to brush off the sand from your feet properly or cutesy products like personalized hip flasks make up for great elemental favors.

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9. Handfans

Handfans as favors undoubtedly look cute AF and are also a comfort essential for everybody at the outdoor wedding.

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10. Warm stoles or scarves for a chilly beach sundowner

Of course, your guests are going to feel cold and shivery on a wintery evening and having warm stoles as favors would help them keep warm. They're gonna thank you for this really!

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Is there anything else that you think should make it to this list of beachy favors? Let us know below!