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Yummilicious! Learn How To Cook Chilli Cheese Toast With Chef Nehal Karkera - #SSQuarantineSessions

Chandni Kumar, 03 May 2020

After spending a good amount of 30 mins to achieve that thick coffee mixture and sipping my perfect Dalgona coffee with pouring some chilled milk and ice-cubes, I can proudly say that I have turned into a master chef in this Quarantine time! Hmm, done and dusted with Netflix and watching your favourite series since the lockdown? No, worries! Try out these 11 ways to unwind with your partner and develop a new skill set together. 

Brides! I am sure that you're prepping up yourself beautifully with trying out new bridal hairstyles, practicing 12345 times for your sangeet night, getting pro with makeup techniques, and bookmarking your favourite designers for your wedding day. But, don't you think you're missing out on a very important thing that will satisfy your taste buds? Yes! If you're dying to eat a comforting food that is overloaded with cheese, then Hi-Five cos we are in the same team. So, to satisfy your hunger today we have with us Chef Nehal Karkera who will teach you how to make yummilicious chili cheese toast at home with simple ingredients. 

Learn How To Make Chilli Cheese Toast With Chef Nehal Karkera 

Being a professional chef with 14 years of experience he has been trained under a Michelin star restaurant in Atlanta and has worked with a chain of Italian restaurants in Mumbai and Walt Disney Cruise line Orlando. Nehal Karkera is a fantastic chef who cooks food from his heart and soul. Cooking with joy and happiness he makes the cooking process so fun and easy that you won't even realise that you have learned so many techniques in a short time. So, if you LOVE LOVE & LOVE cheese, then join us today as we will show you how to make chili cheese toast, which is a great snack to have it in your breakfast or with your evening tea. 

Brides! After a long-day work from home you deserve some delicious food, right? So, note down these ingredients and start making this scrumptious snack for yourself now! 

Source ShaadiSaga

After, you've gathered all the above-mentioned ingredients, follow this recipe to achieve drooling chili cheese toast! 

OMG! Doesn't that look mouth-watering? So, how about you treat yourself with chili cheese toasties and share it with your loved ones! 


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