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Stunning Cocktail Ring Designs That Are Perfect For Your D-Day

Ayesha Kohli, 27 Oct 2019

Cocktail rings are just what you need to add a tad of dazzle to your look. These beautiful cocktail rings are a statement for sure! Even though your wedding ring is the main attraction, but that does not mean we can take these stunning cocktail rings lightly. These rings come in a wide variety with an array of precious and semi-precious gems to choose from, making it next to impossible to ignore, and when chosen correctly they definitely make heads turn! Ladies, we have compiled some of the ahh-mazing and drool-worthy cocktail rings that are just perfect and will amp your look for sure! 

Some Gorgeous Cocktail Rings For You

Exquisite Sapphire and Emerald 

These are some gorgeous sapphire and emerald cocktail rings with diamonds that are perff for any bridal outfits. Be it blue or green, or any different colour, you can wear everything with these rings. 

Gorgeous Pearls

Pearls are evergreen, they never go out of style and you can pair them up with almost any outfit at any given occasion, while adding a bit of elegance to your look. These pearl cocktail rings are a must for our brides to add in their collection. 

Source Prerto
Source Prerto
Source Caratlane

Traditional Kundan and Polki Rings

If you want to go a bit traditional, Kundan and Polki cocktail rings is the way to go. They look gorgeous on your ring finger, and have been trending since our mother's times. These gorgeous statment rings make your hands look all pretty and apt for your D-Day , also including your wedding photographer - who is gonna damn well get a perfect hand shot with these rings! 

Magnificent Diamonds 

As rightly said diamonds are a girls best friend, and there is no doubt about that! Diamonds can never go wrong especially when its in a ring. Cocktail rings with diamond rocks are just breathtaking! They look magnificent and delicate at the same time. Ladies,There is no ensemble, which will not look good with these rocks.

Source Prerto
Source Caratlane

Which cocktail ring is your favourite? Do let us know in the comments!