Your bridesmaids are more than your family. From sharing all the ups & downs to highs & lows your #bridetribe will ensure to keep you pampered every time. So, why not show your love and bond with stunning dance moves with your bridesmaids and have some fun around at your wedding celebrations? Check out these well-choreographed bridesmaids dance performances that are trending for the sangeet night. Whether you want some 'Tareefan' or looking to twist on 'Kamariya' these Sangeet performances by bridesmaids will surely charge you up. 

Well-Choreographed Bridesmaids’ Dance Performances

Bridesmaids’ Dance Performances That Took Sangeet a Notch Higher

💃 A fun-filled Mehendi with a performance by bridesmaids that nailed the traditional folk song with unbeatable coordination and grace.

💃 A jazzy Sangeet performance with the bridesmaids being the centre of attention with a well-choreographed dance performance on 'Tareefan'.

💃 'Mahi Ve' into the hearts of the audience, where you just can’t take your eyes off from this performance by #sistersofthebride!

Traditional Dance Choreography Done Right by Bridesmaids

💃 Sisters of the bride performing their hearts out on 'Ghar More Pardesiya' for Sufi Night, which is so well choreographed. 

💃 When the bridesmaids put together a well-choreographed performance on 'Ghoomar' with the bride. We say - ONCE MORE!

Uber-Cool Bridesmaids’ That Ditched Bollywood for Urban Beats 

💃 While we love the Dhol and Bollywood songs, here’s a group of bridesmaids that opted for something unusual and spunky.

💃 Or, how about this dance performance where bridesmaids nailing every beat of 'Senorita' in Hindi and English mash-up.

Let’s Go Back to the Classics of ’90s and Early 2000s

💃 Bridesmaids welcomed the Dulhe Raja with a performance on the famous Kuch Kuch Hota hai song.

💃 When you think of classics, you do not miss Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham where performing on 'Bole Churiyan' is a must-do.

💃 One of the most delicate performances by the bride’s sisters on the cult film Zubeida’s most melodious track 'Dheeme Dheeme' is surely winning our hearts.

💃 A famous song of the ’90s with a choreography that gave us goosebumps when we saw it for the first time. 

Cos Bridesmaids Just Wanna Have Some Fun...

💃 When your bridesmaids are so prepared that even technical glitches cannot come in the way. Here’s one of the most fun performances on Laung Gawacha by the bride’s besties.

💃 'Cos Girls Like to Swing' and that’s what these bridesmaids are doing on the stage while enjoying every bit of the performance.

💃 Simple choreography done right on the song that’s the most repeated at all weddings these days. Well, we call it the bridesmaids' favourite song.

💃 Bridesmaids rocking the 'Kamariya' swag with the upbeat choreography and super-fun dance moves.

💃 The coordination that you cannot beat where the bridesmaids’ dance performance has the most number of people on stage and yet no blunders.

The Twinning Bridesmaids Dance Performance 

💃 They say two is a company, we say two is a troupe and here's a dynamic duo that proves us right with their rhythmic dance moves and stunning performance. 

💃 Twinning with their clothes and their dance moves here’s another stellar choreography for bridesmaids on 'Say Na Say Na'. 

💃 In the season of remixes, here’s one that seems more fun than the original. Bride’s besties pouring out all their energy on 'Aankh Marey'.

Because The Bridesmaids Couldn't Do Without the Bride 

💃 One of the most energetic dance performance with a unique choreography on Taal Remix with the bride and the bridesmaids we have ever seen. 

💃 When a group of enthusiast bridesmaids nailed #MeraPiyaGharAaya with the bride.

💃 Another beautifully choreographed dance performance for the bride and the bridesmaids on 'Makhna'.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead & start practising your dance performance with your bridesmaids!

20+ Well-Choreographed Bridesmaids’ Dance Performances To Groove On!

by Chinar Ghorawat

20+ Well-Choreographed Bridesmaids’ Dance Performances To Groove On!