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Captivating & Mesmerizing Pre-Wedding Shoot by AVNISH DOUNDHIYAL

Divya Bhasin, 19 Feb 2015

A perfect story needs a perfect wedding photographer. Rohit & Nikita say “Avnish is an amazing photographer who knows his job more than perfectly. He is brilliant with candid photography and he can ideate creatively. We want to thank Avnish for creating our story beautifully through his pictures.”


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Candid conversation with Avnish Dhoundiyal about the Pre-Wedding Photo-shoot of Rohit & Nikita

What was the planning process?

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Avnish Dhoundiyal: It is one of the most important pictures, couples will ever have in their life. It’s romantic, gets you more closer & not to forget it’s memorable. Pre-planning is a mandate; be comfortable with the couple and ask them the style they want to go for.

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How long is the entire process from start to finish?

Avnish Dhoundiyal: Once the couple finalizes the photographer, we go to phase two that is discussing the details. Rohit & Nikita were always clear on the soft & romantic approach for the photo-shoot. Next is deciding the venue, theme and props..

VENUE: Neemrana Fort & Chomu Palace     THEME: Romantic     PROPS: Picked by me

With Rohit & Nikita we did the photo-shoot at Neemrana Fort on DAY 1 & Chomu Palace on DAY 2. They came prepared and everything went the way we planned. Photographer has to foresee both the natural conditions and the chemistry of the couple before going forward. There is a lot of planning & creativity, which goes into process. After the shoot, it takes around two weeks to edit the pictures.111  291

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About the couple: Rohit is a Chartered Accountant & we can say a ‘brilliant mind’ and passionate about his work. Our bride, Nikita is an expert in Certifying Precious Gems & Jewelry. She is a perfect bride with the perfect combination of beauty with brains. They are happily settled in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Avnish about the couple, “Rohit & Nikita are the best couple I have worked with. They were totally in sync with my work & style. All our discussions were amazing and the result was superb. I am so happy that I was part of their wedding journey.”


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This is sure Mesmerizing!! Thank You Avnish Dhoundiyal.

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The wedding took place at Rambagh Palace. Do keep an eye as we will be sharing the wedding details soon.. :)