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Adorable & Unique Cake Topper You'd Want for your Wedding Cake!

Ayesha Kohli, 11 Oct 2019

There is always something new and innovative going on at the wedding cake department. No wedding, reception or engagement is complete without an elaborately decorated cake; like any other detailing of your wedding, your cake should also be perfect and personal to your wants. Choosing your wedding cake, its flavour, elements etc. can be one of the most creative and fun parts of your wedding preparations. There are so many things that one has to do as soon as you get your D-Day date! Every detail is essential. The wedding cake is the quintessential centrepiece of your wedding reception and over a period of time, its elements have become more and more elaborate with a humongous variety to choose from.

One of the important elements of the cake that you are going to cut on you D-Day is the cake toppers. It is the element that goes on the top of your magnificent cake! Your cake topper says a lot about your wedding, so people usually miss out on this aspect while choosing the cake which is a BIG NO! Worry not ladies, we have some of the most creative and beautiful cake toppers that will definitely make a statement on your wedding cake! 

Unique & Creative Cake Toppers for your Wedding Cake 

When food is your first love!

For all the couple whose first bae is food, this is the perfect kind of cake topper for them. They can go for an actual food item which they love as their cake toppers! It can be anything as long as you can eat them, haha! 

Printed couple cake toppers

These printed toppers are there to elevate the overall look of your cake while just adding a little personal touch to it. They look funky and ahh-dorable at the same time! You can get them customised according to what you guys as a couple look like.

Source Etsy

Edible & Non-edible animated couple miniatures

Well well well, these super cute edible couple miniatures add just the right amount of personality to your wedding cakes, they are mostly made out of fondant and  you can go for customization in different flavours you like plus 

Edible animated toppers that depict your Love Tale

If you want to show your love story or you character traits as a couple then these super adorbs edible animated toppers can be your thing! They add a little extra cuteness to your wedding cakes and the best part is that you can even eat them! 

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Mini Us caricatures

You can get your caricatures made which look exactly like you and plus will add a little fun element to your wedding cake. 

Source Mjb Cakes

Silhouette cake toppers

Silhouette cake toppers are best suitable for people who do not want to go OTT with their cake toppers. They add a personal touch while not going overboard or extra when it comes to wedding cakes.

Whimsical Tree cake topper 

These branched trees with flower detailing cake topper looks super whimsical and makes an altogether different impact on your wedding cake. 

Putting a ring on it.

Beyoncé as rightly said, "If You Like It Then You Should Put A Ring", Ladies so why not?! You can go for edible engagement rocks as your cake toppers which look super cute and adorbs!

Building a castle together

You can also go for something a little different perhaps more like a castle or your dream house as your wedding cake topper.

For the lovey-dovey couple!

These love birds are super cute and perfect for the lovey-dovey couple getting hitched.

Source Etsy

Laser Cut detailed cake toppers

These laser cut cake toppers look super elegant and beautiful at the same time. You can go for your initials, your full name or even get a small quote customised for you which depicts your journey as a couple. There is also a beautiful laser cut cake topper with wooden detail which is ahh-mazing!  

Source Etsy
Source Mjb Cakes

Did you find any pinworthy cake toppers for your Wedding Cake?!