This Peppy Bride Fake Cried At Her Vidaai & It's Straight Outta a KJO Movie

Bhavika Vallecha, 17 May 2019

When it is the time for the bride to bid adieu to her family during the vidaai, trust us, we've seen all kinds of brides. Brides who cry a river and brides who can't control their happiness. But it is the FIRST TIME EVER we've seen a bride fake cry during her vidaai. And not just the bride, even her mother & sister scored a 100 in fake crying during the vidaai as if they were acting a KJO movie script. Gosh, we're in love with this family!

We've watched this video a thousand times and it made us laugh our heads off. Check it out!

Video Credits: Dream Diaries

Isn't she the coolest bride we've ever seen?! And not just on her vidaai, Ishta was a whole lot vivacious and adorable even when she walked down the aisle. Check out this happy-cheery bride and learn some chill, all you bridezillas out there!


Are you going to cry or FAKE cry at your vidaai :P? Let us know in the comments!