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A very wise person once said to me, "If you're planning a kickass wedding, then you need kickass shoes." And this is the one piece of advice that I've stuck with for a really long time. 

In all my years, I've helped many of my cousins and friends plan their weddings, the one thing I've noticed brides not plan for and then freak out about at the end moment are their wedding shoes! And it's not just a single pair of shoes, but different kinds of shoes for different sorts of functions. There are heels, boots, sneakers, flats and whatnot. But the one that truly is worth spending the time and money selecting are Juttis!

Juttis are all the rage in the wedding world these days. Almost every bride is seen wearing these in beautiful prints, colours, and patterns. I, for one, have always loved flats over heels, especially in a wedding setting. And I always advise brides-to-be to choose juttis over heels because of the comfort and style that come packaged in a single pair. I mean, can you honestly imagine standing for hours in those killer stiletto heels? But when I suggest juttis, I don't want future brides to spend a whopping amount on a pair of sparkly shoes, wear them once and then regret buying them. So, to make it simple for you, here is a collection of amazing jutti brands that sell beautifully designed juttis just under 4K. Scroll down below for some amazing options! 

Gorgeous Bridal Jutti Brands Under 4K

Jutti By Pastels And Mint

An Instagram store I truly love, Pastels and Mint are a brand that provides amazing handmade juttis, in exquisite designs and great quality material- all for very minimal prices. With juttis in various designs ranging from Rs 1000- Rs 3000, this Insta shop is a wonderful place to shop for your juttis. From sequin work to colourful leather and even embroidered designs, the variety here is unlimited!

Price Range: Rs 1000- Rs 3000

Shop Here: Juttis By Pastels And Mint

Talking Toe By Nazish & Insha

Source Talking Toe

Established and run by two wonderfully talented sisters, Talking Toe is the brand behind few of the most famous footwear designs we've seen, like the bright pink 'bride chilla' juttis and the flamboyant 'Patak Bride' bowed kolahpuris. With a whopping 100K subscribers, this dynamic duo creates wonderful footwear that ships worldwide and also caters to B-town celebs like Sara Ali Khan, Neha Dhupia and many more.

Price Range: Rs 1000 onwards

Shop Here: Talking Toe


Source Needledust

Needledust is a well-renowned footwear brand, that has reinvented and redesigned the term 'jutti'. For their work, they have some of the finest artisans from all over India that create these bespoke fine leather juttis. Honestly, it's their blend of old school charm along with the reinvention of newer designs and elements that brings their creations to life. Bright colours, impeccable finish and high quality along with a finished unique product- what else do you want from your wedding footwear?

Price Range: Rs 2900 onwards

Shop Here: Needledust

House of Vian

House of Vian not only sells artisanal juttis but also sells other accessories like potlis, clutches and other kinds of footwear like wedges. Based out of Gurgaon, this store sells both online and offline. Its product is extremely beautiful and one of our favourites is the embellished pastel coloured ones. They play around with colours and experiment with the truly amazing designs!

Price Range: Rs 2000- Rs 4000

Shop Here: House Of Vian

Fizzy Goblet

Founded by Laksheeta Govil, a young designer & entrepreneur from New Delhi, Fizzy Goblet is one of the biggest ethnic footwear brands in India. Bringing a twist to the traditional jutti, Fizzy Goblet has redesigned them to create modern jutti designs, in various new styles, ranging from heeled juttis to shoe styled juttis. All in all, this offbeat brand brings forward some amazing whimsical ideas for ethnic footwear which I'm sure you'll love!

Price Range: Rs 2700 onwards

Shop Here: Fizzy Goblet

Rustic Tilla By J.A.P

Rustictilla is another Instagram based shop, which we love! They create customised juttis, most of them made to order. Based out of Ludhiana, this brand is all about bringing the term 'custom' to life. Their juttis are soaked in the beauty of vibrant colours which embody comfort, durability and style in just a single elegant pair.

Price Range: Rs.1400 onwards

Shop Here: Rustictilla

Natty Feet By Manik Pandhi

Honestly, this is one brand which can be labelled- 'Juttis for all'! From zari embroidered to embellished with mirror work and much more, Natty Feet offers a wide variety of jutti designs for both men and women. Along with pre-existing designs, they also customise juttis based on what the bride wants! We suggest you not just get yourself a pair but also get one for your beau!

Price Range: Rs 2000 onwards

Shop Here: Natty Feet By Manik Pandhi


Source Chhittar

Founded by Simran W. Grover, Chhittar is a wonderful brand for customised juttis. You can find some of the most basic designs to the most fun, extravagant jutti ideas right here, and nothing's above Rs 3000, which is amazing! We suggest you head to their 'Customise Your Chhittar' section which allows you to customise every detail of your pair. 

Price Range: Rs 1200- Rs 2500

Shop Here: Chhittar

Jutti Holic

Source Jutti Holic

Trendy and upbeat- these are the two words best used to describe Jutti Holic. A homegrown brand, which can be found on various platforms like LBB Shop and Instagram. If you're a fan of fine craftsmanship, then their pink floral embroidered juttis should be your pick. And when it comes to bridalwear, then you’ll be spoilt for choice. Their range of embellished footwear will sort you out for all the functions that you got to attend and your feet would do all the talking.

Price Range: Rs 1000- Rs 1500

Shop Here: Jutti Holic

VA By Vanshika Ahuja

According to their brand motto, VA by Vanshika Ahuja is a brand that strives to bring comfort and fashion together and present people with trendy juttis, amongst other things. Their major products include juttis and mojris, which can be worn on practically any occasion. Their high-quality product is not only made with utmost precision but also has the use of gorgeous materials like dabka, zari, nakshi, mirror and gota. VA also houses a printed collection which will win your heart for sure. I mean, who wouldn't want a few quirky juttis in their closet. 

Price Range: Rs 800 onwards

Shop Here: VA by Vanshika Ahuja


Source Sayurie

Sayurie is a one-stop-shop for the most beautiful handcrafted and printed leather juttis. They're a homegrown brand that has a vast collection of juttis with a variety of designs that consist of motifs, zari, ghungroos or even monochrome designs with matte bases! Honestly, the options are endless. 

Price Range: Rs 1200- Rs 1700

Shop Here: Sayurie


Have more brands that you love for juttis? Share them in the comments!

Beautiful Bridal Juttis Under 4K That You Can Buy For Your #IntimateWedding!

by Shivani Singh

Beautiful Bridal Juttis Under 4K That You Can Buy For Your #IntimateWedding!