After this year's sun-sational summer heat, we're all in for a delayed monsoon season that will not only bring forth some much-needed showers but also some relief from the warmth. While the temperature's going to be bearable, finally, there is still a hanging threat of excessive humidity. And with excessive humidity comes the facade of faulty skincare habits. Monsoon brides often mistake the humid weather's illusion of hydration and oiliness for having good skin. However, during their wedding ceremonies, a lapsed skincare routine can often cause problems. 

So, to ensure that you stay on top of your skincare game before your fateful monsoon wedding, we're here to give you some much-needed skincare tips. Follow these, especially if your skin is oily and acne-prone.  

Quick Monsoon Skincare Tips For Brides

Due to the monsoon being a rather sticky season, it's important to change your skincare routine. Switch to lightweight or water-based products that can aid in keeping your problems at bay. Apart from the basics of cleansing, toning and moisturising, you also need to follow a few tips that will keep your skin in optimal health throughout the season. Scroll down below to check out these essential tips. 

1. Get Yourself A Soap Free Cleanser

Since your natural skin oils are important, use soap-free cleansers for washing your face as they're quite gentle and don't strip your skin's natural oils. Irrespective of skin types, switching to a soap-free face cleanser during monsoon will be extremely beneficial for you brides-to-be. Remember not to overwash your face, 2-3 times a day is enough. Washing your face too many times can lead to excess sebum production which can cause problems like clogged pores and acne. 

2. Exfoliation Is Important

Exfoliating your skin at least twice a week should be part of your routine. Not only does it help get rid of dead skin cells but also gives your skin a healthy glow. While scrubbing your face twice a week is good, you can also switch it up to three times a week if you're using a lot of makeup. Exfoliating your skin will increase blood circulation and help flush out toxins as well. Apart from this, if you want to add a little something extra to your skincare, then go in for treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion from a certified aesthetician or dermatologist

3. Use A Clay Mask

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For the masking step of your routine, choose a clay mask. It'll help you keep the excess oil at bay. Apart from your basic skincare routine, choose a face mask at least twice a week. Mix that with ingredients like aloe, green tea water or other anti-microbial ingredients that will help remove impurities that may cause acne. One of the best DIY face masks to try is Multani Mittit (Fuller's Earth) mixed with aloe vera gel/rose water. 

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4. Don't Forget To Moisturise

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Despite what you may think, you need a moisturiser even during monsoons. Despite your skin type, having a moisturiser that suits your skin type is a must all year round. It'll help with your skin's hydration and help in controlling sebum production. Always remember, well-moisturised skin stays younger and has fewer skin problems. And since it's monsoon, make sure you use a lightweight and non-greasy formula with natural ingredients like aloe and hyaluronic acid.

5. Invest In A Good Toner

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A rise in humidity can make your skin greasy. Thus, the best way to deal with that is to use a good toner. Choose an alcohol-free toner during monsoons, with active ingredients like green tea or glycolic acid to maintain healthy pH levels. Toners with glycolic acid not only hydrate your skin but also help tighten pores and control blemishes and acne. 

6. Never Skip Sunscreen

One of the biggest mistakes anyone does during monsoons is starting skipping the sunscreen just because it gets cloudy. Powerful UV rays can easily penetrate and harm your skin, thus using good sunscreen all year round is important. Try using a non-oily sunscreen, or a water-based sunscreen to your routine, with a minimum of SPF of 30.

7. Pay Extra Attention To Your Undereyes & Lips

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Your under eyes and your lips are sensitive spots on your face, where the skin is generally thinner. They require extra attention, so it's imperative to add a nice lip scrub and oil along with an under eye cream to your night routine. This will help you battle dryness, dark circles and puffy eyes. 

8. Choose Minimal Makeup

Monsoon weddings can be taxing. The sultry weather mixed with hectic wedding prep can do a number on your skin. So, wearing less makeup is always a good idea. Plus, heavy makeup looks won't stay put and will block your skin pores. While your makeup artist will have you covered during bigger functions, for smaller ones choose products like CC creams that can even out your complexion without giving you the heaviness of foundations or concealers. Minimal makeup will allow your skin to breathe. 

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9. Vitamin C Is Your Elixir

A powerful antioxidant that helps keep your skin health good, Vitamin C is one to add to your skincare regimen. Plus, it helps boost your immune system and fight infections. You can either opt to eat Vitamin C rich food or consume it in the form of supplements. Just make sure you get proper medical advice from a nutritionist or physician before you begin consuming Vitamin C as a supplement. You can also add Vitamin C serums to your skincare routine because they will add a good, healthy glow to your skin, ensuring you look radiant on your wedding day!

Final Words

It is essential to keep your skin dry yet moisturised during monsoons to prevent any sort of fungal or bacterial infection on your skin. While these skin care tips will help you achieve a healthy glow, it is important that as a future bride you keep your diet in check and also ensure you do not over-work or over-stress yourself. Stay on top of your bridal game and you'll look stunning on your wedding day!


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9 Best Skincare Tips For Monsoon Brides To Bookmark RN!

by Shivani Singh

9 Best Skincare Tips For Monsoon Brides To Bookmark RN!