Best Of The Bridal Hairstyle Tips From Vogue Wedding Show 2016

Sanchita Kalra, 05 Sep 2016

Your lehenga is ready. Your jewellery is set. Your makeup artist has been appointed. Your hair stylist has been booked. But but but how do you decide on the hairdo that will flawlessly go with your outfit? Relax. Don't freak out.  I have some amazing and essential tips for brides from the Hair Styling Masterclass of Avan Contractor, co-founder and creative director of BBlunt, that I attended at the Vogue Wedding Show 2016 and here's what she suggested:

Points To Remember Before Picking A Hairstyle For Wedding Functions

Venue Location Decide a hairstyle keeping the venue in mind. Whether it's going to be an indoor function or an outdoor celebration. The last thing you would want is to have long luscious locks with heaps of dust! Ugh, no!

Climate Of The City Climate is equally important. If it's an indoor function, then the venue is going to be obviously centrally air-conditioned. But if there's an outdoor function, then be sure to check the weather - it could be hot, humid or windy.

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Match The Theme Have a clear picture of the hairstyle in mind that will perfectly match the theme and outfit of your wedding.

Go For A Clean Hairdo For the wedding, pick a hairstyle that shows off the forehead area as most of your hair  is going to be covered under the dupatta. Also, make sure that the hairdo looks tidy even without the dupatta because what if the dupatta falls?

In Between Changing Outfits If you're changing outfits between the functions, have a hairstyle that will complement the outfits. And most importantly, wear something that will not ruin the hairstyle while changing.

When To Shampoo Your Hair It's best to ask your hair stylist when to shampoo your hair. Avan Contractor suggests shampooing a night before the wedding, or using a dry shampoo.

Hairdo Trial Yes, it's difficult to take out time for a hairdo but have a trial look of hairdo. This will help you give an idea of the look and time of how long it will take on the wedding day to get that look.

Featured Image Courtesy: Dilliwale Weddings

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