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Best of the Best! Emotional And Looks Of Love In Wedding Photos By Shutterink Photography

Neha Garg, 21 Aug 2015

Love is patient, Love is Kind!

You laugh, you cry, and you go through everything else in between. Instead of trying to explain them, we've illustrated the very common, lovey-dovey looks and emotional moments. Nitin from Shutterink share his thoughts about capturing the emotional and candid moments at a wedding function: “As a photographer, I get to see a variety of emotions while flashing the wedding moments, from one giddy moment to anxious or disinterested the next. These stages can be different and every person's experience is just as unique as their wedding. Well, keeping portraiture aside, wedding photography is all about moments. Indian weddings are full of craziness, emotions and moments. The moment could be when the couple sneaks a quick glance of each other, or when they pass a quick smile to each other, those expressions of the first look, or the tears flowing down the cheeks, or it could be that quiet moment when, ‘only your eyes speak’. These fleeting moments once passed, are never going to be repeated. Luckily we have witnessed and captured such moments consistently for our clients. We feel privileged and sometimes feel overwhelmed by the flow of emotions. However, as a photographer, we have to be focused, anticipate the moment, position ourselves at the right place to be able to capture the right moment in their true essence, and that too in the most artistic approach.” Rehaam-Numair

A shot from Rehaam-Numair's engagement

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A shot from Akriti-Ankush's wedding 


A shot from Payal-Amit's wedding 


A shot from Sapna-Peeyush's wedding 

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A shot from Divya-Karan's wedding 

shutterink-2 3

 A shot from Shreya-Romit's wedding

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A shot from Sapna-Peeyush's wedding 


A shot from Shival-Amar's engagement

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A shot from Vrinda-Vishal's wedding 

Shutterink was also selected as one of top six nominees in 'Emotions' category for "Better Photography Wedding photographer" of the year 2014-15, and making it through to the top, is definitely to be cherished about. Their friendly, passionate approach means you will have peace of mind.  It’s all about you at your most special day!

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Featured Couple: Nupur-Aditya

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