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Airbrush Makeup Vs HD Makeup : Which One Is Better?

Priyanka Banerjee, 02 Aug 2017

Remember the time when the brushes and sponges were used to smudge the makeup with the skin for a flawless look. With the entry of HD cameras, it became difficult for the makeup artist (MUA) to hide the small flaws on the bride's face as every minute detail gets highlighted under the high definition lenses. To hide the flaws and get a smooth makeup face the obsessive brides nowadays are going crazy for Airbrush and HD makeup. But what are the differences HD makeup and Airbrush makeup?

Don’t worry about this as we bring you a complete guide to the Airbrush and HD makeup.

Which One To Choose?

Airbrush makeup is a lightweight makeup applied with an airgun. Sounds tricky? A special kind of liquid foundation is poured into the small chamber of the airgun and sprayed on the bride’s face. As the trigger is pressed, a mist of foundation covers the face to give a flawless finish and the makeup blends perfectly with the skin.

With the use of HD cameras to capture close up’s of the bride, the makeup artists had to work hard to hide the blemishes and acne spots. HD makeup came to rescue the MUA’S and make the bride's look flawless and camera ready. The fine texture of the makeup covers all the imperfections which appear on the face and gives a natural appearance and doesn’t give a cakey look.

Myths Busted 

Myth 1 - Airbrush makeup looks heavy on the skin

Fact - To ensure even coverage, the airbrush is sprayed slowly over the face which makes it appear lighter than the traditional makeup. But if your makeup artist has the tendency to apply heavy foundation then it will heavier even with the airbrush technique. Let your MUA know your preference.

Myth 2- Airbrush makeup melts off

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Fact- Ladies! Don’t blame the technique for this weird myth in your mind. It is possible only if the poor foundation is used or the skills of the makeup artists are weak. Go for a professional makeup artist if you’re planning to have an airbrush bridal makeup.

Myth 3- Airbrush makeup is expensive

Fact- The glamorous and smooth finish of airbrush makeup is enough to justify its cost. The traditional makeup may not give you that even tone of colour which the airbrush makeup can easily give to your face and it will take less time too.

Myth 4- Airbrush makeup is better

Fact- Airbrush makeup may give you a flawless and picture perfect face but traditional makeup is not far behind in the race. Both are equally good to give you face that bridal glow for the big day. The choice is completely your own preference.

Pros and Cons of Airbrush makeup and HD makeup


- Airbrush makeup is a saviour for the brides with oily skin as the silicone based makeup stays all day long. HD makeup on the other side is suitable for all skin type as the fine particles blend perfectly into the skin and give an even and flawless look.

- A cakey makeup is a big no from the bride's nowadays. The HD makeup gives a soft focus to the face and makes it appear natural and less layered.

- HD makeup leaves minimal residue and gives full coverage to the face hiding the stubborn acne marks and blemishes.


- Airbrush makeup can end up being costly for you as compared to regular makeup. But the cost of the makeup can differ from one MUA to another.

- Airbrush makeup will not be a good choice for the brides with dry skin as it will give a flaky look as the foundation used is less creamy than the regular foundation.

- It is a tedious task to re-blend the makeup with Airbrush, unlike regular makeup.

- Airbrush makeup is unable to cover the blemishes completely and sometimes the blemish appears behind the makeup. A professional is needed to fix the flaw manually.

Our Tip For All The Beautiful Brides

Before going for Airbrush or HD makeup, keep in mind your budget and skin type (very important).  If you choose an MUA who knows the job well, you can still get a flawless look without the Airbrush and HD makeup. To try a new makeup trend, go for a makeup trial before your big day. An Airbrush makeup trial may cost you some extra bucks.

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